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Open. Democratic. Project management platform.

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BetterMeans is giving birth to a new kind of company. An Open Enterprise.

More details can be found at and here

Getting started

git clone

#Rename database.yml.example to database.yml and set your local dev db u/p

bundle install

rake bootstrap

#for a larger data set on postgresql db, skip rake bootstrap and load from dump file. This recommended since it mirrors our production env.

psql bettermeans_development < db/pgdump.sql

That's it. Now you're ready to change the world. Here's to making a dent in things together!


Make sure you install rubytree gem's older version, not just the latest: rubytree -v 0.7.0 We're running Ruby 1.8.7 in dev and production

If you encounter an error like “uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::Dependencies::Mutex”, then you need to get the correct rubygems version. Currently this is 1.3.7.

Dev notes

Platform workstream:

We are working on using bundler to wrap up the dev environment. To learn more about it check it out here:

Our tests are broken. Help us write great tests and catch up on our testing environment!

Dev database

The bettermeans projects is renamed to “LOCAL BETTERMEANS” to avoid confusion with the production dashboards.

All passwords in included dev db are set to: “password”

All private workstreams are removed.

All other the data in the dev database is real! Please respect our user's privacy, and use the data in the db only for development purposes. (goes without saying I know)

Known issues

Attachments doesn't work in dev environment

Logging in via the janrain plugin (e.g. google, twitter…etc) won't work in dev environment (if you need to work with this, drop me a message, there's an involved workaround)

Random tidbits

To see activity on bettermeans, checkout the stats page:

Admin console is here (there are no visible links to it): localhost:3000/admin Login is admin/password

Creating a db from production

You shouldn't need to. But if you do.…

To create a new dev db from production:

heroku db:pull # Load production database

export reset_safe=true

rake custom:trim_db

rake db:schema:dump

rake db:seed:dump MODELS=tracker,issue_statuss,enumeration,role,plan,setting

# Uses

To generate a pg_dump: pg_dump bettermeans_development -c -O -x -f db/pgdump.sql

License and legalese

Our codebase is based largely on an early fork of Redmine.

Redmine is open source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL). All redmine code is Copyright (C) 2006-2011 Jean-Philippe Lang All non-redmine code is Copyright (C) Shereef Bishay

Thanks for joining us! May our work be used for the greater good of everyone.

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