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How do I install WIMM into Kodi?

From Version 4.1.10 when you install WIMM you also install a repository that allows easy updates to the addon. The updates are propagated within 6 hours of release.

Installation Instructions

  • Install WIMM:

  • Enable web interface:

    • For Helix go to System > Services > Webserver > Services
    • Enable Allow control Kodi via HTTP
    • Set Web Interface to WIMM (optional)
  • Accessing WIMM:

    • If you made WIMM the default web interface open your browser to http://kodi_ip:port/
    • Otherwise open your browser to http://xbmc_ip:port/addons/webinterface.WiMM/

WIMM is not working or I found a bug, what do I do?

What to do if WIMM isn't working, before reporting an issue try the following first:

All issues should be reported on the issue tracker including the following information:

  • Kodi Version (including Operating System).
  • WIMM Version.
  • Browser Version (including Operating System).
  • Which page the error is occurring on.
  • A description of the error.
  • Any error messages displayed in the browsers javascript console.

I would like to discuss WIMM related information/issues, what do I do?

We offer you currently where you can go and chat with other users and ourselves.

Note: The ##wimm is a new channel as such not many users frequent it at the moment. We encourage you to register your nickname with freenode and identify to services when visiting freenode channels.

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