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I extended your fix and made it possible to give an array of columns with mongoid.

Sorry for the messy commit messages.

deepflame and others added some commits Oct 7, 2011
@deepflame deepflame DEV: added "distinct" functionality 608b194
@antage antage Fixed #110 and #111 20beca0
@fivetwentysix fivetwentysix Made a correction in the README. 9ba0026
@raskhadafi raskhadafi Option :update_elements for SimpleForm implemented. 292b5b6
@raskhadafi raskhadafi Option where for active record realized. d6300e9
@dabit dabit TravisCI config file cdace35
@jess jess fix syntax on requiring jquery ui 03a3f27
@dabit dabit Merge pull request #123 from jess/jqueryui-syntax
fix syntax on requiring jquery ui
@dabit dabit Merge pull request #117 from PatrickMa/master
Fixing a typo in the readme.
@dabit dabit Merge pull request #114 from antage/master
Fix for #110, #111
@dabit dabit Updated integration tests Gemfile.lock 37418ad
@dabit dabit Updated javascript file for integration tests b4404b5
@dabit dabit Bump version to 1.0.5 0d42785
@dabit dabit Merge remote-tracking branch 'raskhadafi/master' e37436d
@ljulien ljulien Make sure that you're checking whether the specific model in question…
… uses the PostgreSQL adapter, not only whether PGConn is defined for the entire app. Fixes problems where multiple adapters are used in the same application, such as Issue #118.
@dabit dabit Make sure travis is testing for Ruby 1.9.3 bd1c788
@dabit dabit The Postgres query differences are now treated at
model level. This commits just adds the tests.

The actual commit for this change was merged from
a pull request by @ljulien
@dabit dabit Removed rcov since it's not even compatible with ruby 1.9.x 44216eb
@dabit dabit Bump version to 1.0.6 229ac8e
@chadoh chadoh The simple_form plugin adds a 'data-update-elements="null"' to autoco…
…mplete fields, by default. This was my attempt to replicate that bug with a test. I failed. The tests are currently failing.
@dabit dabit Add travis build status image to README 653d5e1
@dabit dabit Correct the travis link on README 0633f4d
@chadoh chadoh Merge branch 'master' into simple_form_update_elements_fix a11f39b
@chadoh chadoh newer better testing gems and pretty colors for test output f9c6886
@chadoh chadoh removing bson_ext warning in test output a09581c
@chadoh chadoh adding guard-test; run 'bundle exec guard' to have tests automaticall…
…y run while you update files
@chadoh chadoh adding description of guard to README 5c72313
@chadoh chadoh tests are passing! This new testing paradigm is starting to almost wo…
…rk. Still having issues getting `assert_no_select` to work.
@chadoh chadoh Properly tested and fixed the bug that added the data-update-elements…
… attribute to simple form inputs even when no :update_elements were given
@dabit dabit Merge pull request #147 from itrcdevs/simple_form_update_elements_fix
Simple form :update_elements fix
Guard for autotesting
Better integration tests, getting rid of cucumber
@chadoh chadoh adding more complete test coverage for the simple_form plugin, and re…
…moving the fake test for it in integration
@chadoh chadoh adding an explanation of the new testing practices to README f915875
@dabit dabit Merge pull request #148 from itrcdevs/simple_form_update_elements_fix
More complete test coverage and updating README
@dabit dabit Update README, you no longer require
Mongo to run the tests
@dabit dabit Updated autocomplete-rails.js file,
looks like it was missing a semi-colon.
@dabit dabit Bump version to 1.0.7 abc6e3a
Tom Chen add rewrite_autocomplete_options to simple_form_plugin 2721fba
@tomchentw tomchentw add rewrite_autocomplete_options to simple_form_plugin f55f7ae
@tomchentw tomchentw Test add hidden_id = true 3f39824
@tomchentw tomchentw id_element == true e4ae89f
@tomchentw tomchentw hidden == true dcef66d
@tomchentw tomchentw hidden == true bc7fd89
@tomchentw tomchentw hidden == true ea2e798
@tomchentw tomchentw add value to hidden_field e3f6f46
@tomchentw tomchentw Add autocomplete_collection to input 2821e48
@tomchentw tomchentw Fix typo end aec25f1
@tomchentw tomchentw add debug msg 5c831a0
@tomchentw tomchentw use reflection from association cbed64a
@tomchentw tomchentw use reflection from association 48c9f17
@tomchentw tomchentw use column to get label/value a4b42fa
@tomchentw tomchentw use reflection in input 628b253
@tomchentw tomchentw before sending methods, check respond_to? 90867a7
@tomchentw tomchentw before sending methods, check respond_to? ac9a0e1
@tomchentw tomchentw check nil and check respond_to? 263119e
@tomchentw tomchentw check nil and check respond_to? 71b8b98
@tomchentw tomchentw change hidden_field id 8297a7d
@tomchentw tomchentw Fix hidden id in data-id-element 08df0e4
@tomchentw tomchentw Fix hidden id by using object_name.underscore 308e689
@tomchentw tomchentw Fix hidden id f60037d
@panmari panmari Update master 9574747
@panmari panmari Update master ba7f0fd
@panmari panmari initialized hash b4bfe24
@panmari panmari Update master f28a119
@panmari panmari added any_of statement 2e4a25e
@panmari panmari removed unnecessary lines f7032d5
@panmari panmari reverted last commit 1bb44aa
onesupercoder Clear id elements and update elements on change. dfb0464
onesupercoder Clear id element or update elements on change. ca2f2de
onesupercoder Update lib/assets/javascripts/autocomplete-rails-uncompressed.js
Fixed bug not checking for null update_elements
onesupercoder Update lib/assets/javascripts/autocomplete-rails.js 7e45257
Jared Dobson Changes 2fb078a
@dabit dabit Bump version to 1.0.8 41251ea
@dabit dabit Merge remote-tracking branch 'tomchentw/master' 8ede806
@dabit dabit Bump version to 1.0.9 05c5068
@dabit dabit Merge remote-tracking branch 'onesupercoder/master' 8ff3c48
@dabit dabit Updated compressed javascript 1b54914
@dabit dabit Bump version to 1.0.10 4a4391f
Jeremy Cohen Hoffing Update
Change 'rails 3.1.x' to '3.1.x and higher'
@Mic92 Mic92 mongoid: escape regular expression in search
Otherwise someone could attack the application with regular expression denial of service
@seldomatt seldomatt added documentation for using autocomplete to submit multiple values …
…separated by a given delimiter
@seldomatt seldomatt slight change of wording b18e5d6
@dabit dabit Merge pull request #199 from seldomatt/add-multiple-field-instruction…

Add multiple field instructions to readme
@edsimpson edsimpson When possible, use jQuery .on() rather than .live().
jQuery v1.9.0 no longer has .live() in the API.  Instead use .on() if
it is available.
@panmari panmari Merge branch 'master' of git://…
…complete into original

@dabit dabit Merge pull request #197 from Mic92/patch-1
mongoid: escape regular expression in search
@dabit dabit Bump version to 1.0.11 44f5e9a
@dabit dabit Remove Ruby 1.9.2 from travis config d41779c
@pivotal-cloudplanner pivotal-cloudplanner set license to MIT in gemspec d02543f
Edwin Cruz Merge pull request #212 from pivotal-cloudplanner/patch-1
set license to MIT in gemspec
@justinledwards justinledwards Update to fix some typos dc92f20
@whatcould whatcould Do not parseJSON on empty data-update-elements [fixes #210] e44f384
@panmari panmari escaping now term for full_search f60b82e
@manusajith manusajith Bumping rails version in gemspec to support rails4 3e83120
@dabit dabit Updated README with Call for help 65e5d3f
@bigtunacan bigtunacan Updated README 2b5fee8
@bigtunacan bigtunacan Merge pull request #241 from bigtunacan/master
Updated README
@bigtunacan bigtunacan Merge pull request #234 from manusajith/master
Support Rails4
@dabit dabit Merge pull request #217 from whatcould/master
Do not parseJSON on empty data-update-elements [fixes #210]
@bigtunacan bigtunacan ignore vim and intellij specific files 270663b
@bigtunacan bigtunacan Merge pull request #214 from justinledwards/patch-1
Update to fix some typos
@bigtunacan bigtunacan Merge pull request #183 from jcohenho/patch-1
@bigtunacan bigtunacan Merge pull request #105 from openitdotcom/master
Support for distinct values
@bigtunacan bigtunacan Revert "Merge pull request #105 from openitdotcom/master"
This reverts commit 976fe98, reversing
changes made to 728b7b4.
@bigtunacan bigtunacan merge lukaselmer patch to remove $ 29c3102
@bigtunacan bigtunacan Fixed git conflict commit 5346043
@bigtunacan bigtunacan README update 82e8cdf
@bigtunacan bigtunacan Update to README 11410b7
@manusajith manusajith Fix for trim() in IE6 1274c3b
@manusajith manusajith Uglified js file 3d81680
@manusajith manusajith Add ruby 2.0 to travis 346e764
@manusajith manusajith Removed RR:Adapters from test_helper to remove depreciation warning 1cbad00
@bigtunacan bigtunacan New gem release fbde14d
@bigtunacan bigtunacan README update 02e3a5c
@manusajith manusajith Added Gem badge to readme 1b7cdfb
@panmari panmari Merge remote-tracking branch 'original/master' 7b57a50
@panmari panmari fixed some file permissions 9f12fac
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