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Slashbase is a modern database IDE for your dev/data workflows. Use Slashbase to connect to any of your database, browse data and schema, write, run and save queries, create charts. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

It is in beta (v0.6), help us make it better by sending your feedback and reach a stable (v1.0) version.

Star 🌟 & watch 👀 the repository to get updates.


  • 🧑‍💻 Desktop App: Use the IDE as standalone desktop app.
  • 🪄 Modern Interface: With a modern interface, it is easy to use.
  • 🪶 Lightweight: Doesn't take much space on your system.
  • ⚡️ Quick Browse: Quickly filter, sort & browse data and schema with a low-code UI.
  • 💾 Save Queries: Write and Save queries to re-run in future.
  • 📊 Create Charts: Create charts from your query results.
  • 🗂 Projects: Organise all database connections into various projects.
  • 📕 Query Cheatsheets: Search for query commands right inside IDE, no need to search online when you forget query syntax.
  • Database Support: MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.


Run query view

Low-code view

Slashbase Cloud

Use Slashbase as a cloud-hosted in-browser collaborative database IDE. Visit


Direct Download

Follow the steps below to download & start the app:

  1. Download the latest release and extract the zip.
  2. Double click the Slashbase file to open the app on Window and MacOS. For linux, run ./Slashbase on terminal to start the app.

On Mac if you see the error message popup:

  • Open terminal and run xattr -cr /path/to/ and then run the app.

Build from source

Follow the steps build & start the app:

  1. Clone the repository or download the zip.
  2. Make sure Go and Wails is installed. Follow the steps here, if not installed.
  3. Open the terminal at root directory and run make build.
  4. The app is created in build/bin.
  5. Double click the Slashbase file to open the app on Window and MacOS. For linux, run ./Slashbase on terminal to start the app.


Detailed documentation is available on slashbase guide.


Join our community on discord and bip.


Database Support

  • PostgreSQL Query Engine
  • MongoDB Query Engine
  • MySQL Query Engine
  • ☑️ SQLite Query Engine
  • ☑️ Redis Query Engine


  • Query Cheatsheets
  • ☑️ Add/delete Data Models (Table/collections)
  • ☑️ Manage Views
  • ☑️ Export/import data


Read our contribution guide for getting started on contributing to the project.


If you face any issues installing or using slashbase, send us a mail on or contact support chat on our website


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations.