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* Switch to latest Aboriginal with MUSL
* Update all the deps to latests version
* Support loadable kernel modules.
* Support for key on external device (enc_keydev and enc_keyfile).
* Support for squashfs in root variable, example: root=SQUASHFS=livecd.img
* Support for aufs3/overlayfs-based rootfs (livesystem). Useful for debuging and liveUSB/CD.
* Better support for keymaps.
* Support BTRFS's subvolumes.
* Support for remote unlock of multiple luks device (Note to self: check whatever fifo is open)
* earlymount option to mount everything possible from /newroot/etc/fstab - that should be good idea if we want to have mountpoints in /var/log for example.
* use debian's idea to rename suspend binary into uswsusp to make it less confusing.
* rework process_commandline_options function, auto-add all cmdline options with equal sign.
* Add deleyed_block_devices option. Whenever resolv_device() does not find device, wait 1s and repeat, default repeat 30 times. Make the counter configurable.
* rework lebuild, instead of passing cmd as chroot argument, deploy lebuild script inside, chroot and run lebuild from there.
* Support squash+union for system dirs, like /usr. Squashfs with lz4 pared with OverlayFS (v22+) for rw-layer and image rebuilding on-boot.