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Ruby CQRS with Event Sourcing

A Ruby implementation of Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) with Event Sourcing, based upon the ideas of Greg Young.

Find out more about CQRS.

Getting Started

Dependencies are managed using Bundler.

$ sudo gem install bundler

Install all of the required gems for this application

$ sudo bundle install


Run the RSpec specifications as follows.

$ rspec spec/

Basic Design Overview


  • display query results using read-only reporting datastore
  • create commands - must be 'task focused'
  • basic validation of command (e.g. required fields, uniqueness using queries against the reporting data store)

###Commands such as RegisterCompanyCommand

  • capture users’ intent
  • named in the imperative (e.g. create account, upgrade customer, complete checkout)
  • can fail or be declined

###Command Bus

  • validates command
  • routes command to registered handler (there can be only one handler per command)

###Command Handler such as RegisterCompanyHandler

  • loads corresponding aggregate root (using domain repository)
  • executes action on aggregate root

###Aggregate Roots such as Company

  • guard clause (raises exceptions when invalid commands applied)
  • calculations (but no state changes)
  • create & raise corresponding domain events
  • subscribes to domain events to update internal state

###Domain Events such as CompanyRegisteredEvent

  • inform something that has already happened
  • must be in the past tense and cannot fail
  • used to update internal state of the corresponding aggregate root

###Event Bus

  • subscribes to domain events
  • persist domain events to event store
  • routes events to registered handler(s) (can have more than one handler per event)

###Event Handler such as CompanyRegisteredHandler

  • update de-normalised reporting data store(s)
  • email sending
  • execute long running processes (e.g. 3rd party APIs, file upload)

###Event Store

  • persists all domain events applied to each aggregate root (stored as JSON)
  • reconstitutes aggregate roots from events (from serialised JSON)
  • currently two adapters: ActiveRecord and in memory (for testing)
  • adapter interface is 2 methods: find(guid) and save(aggregate_root)
  • could be extended to use a NoSQL store


Ruby CQRS with Event Sourcing library




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