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Introduction to TypeScript Presentation

Slides for a tech talk I presented on Friday 12/10/2012 titled "TypeScript: JavaScript for tools" as one of the primary design goals for the language is to provided development tooling support.

Created using the wonderful deck.js for building HTML presentations. Styling has been gratuitously borrowed from

A highlight of the slide deck is that each of the TypeScript code snippets shown are compiled to JavaScript on slide navigation using the TypeScript compiler itself. The presentation goes through how to host the compiler within a html page, or view the source of presentation.html and assets/compiler.js for further details.

Feel free to copy the source and/or content of these slides for your own use (attribution would be appreciated).

Presentation Outline

  • Design Goals
  • Tooling Support
  • Installation
  • File Extensions
  • Declaration Source Files
  • Type Annotations
  • Types
  • Arrow Function Expressions
  • Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Structural Types
  • Modules
  • Source File Dependencies
  • Source Map Support
  • Self Hosting
  • Why use TypeScript?
  • Why not?
  • Resources