Randomizer for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
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A randomizer for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

Originally written in Java and released in 2017. Rewritten in JavaScript in 2018.

Licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0.

Randomizes levels on the overworld, exits in levels with two exits, bosses in boss levels, boss health, most enemies within each level, all power-ups in each level, platforms in a few levels, and a few additional aspects, including music, gravity, physics, and scrolling.

In order to play, you need a ROM of SML2 (either v1.0 or v1.2) and a way to play (emulator or EverDrive).

The newest version (v1.8.1) of SML2 DX is now fully compatible with the randomizer.

All research that was done in creating this randomizer has been saved and can be found in the research folder (WIP).

Special thanks to the following people: toruzz, raccoon sam, smellymoo, veearr, authorblues, drjoeyhugs, oh_deer, typwo, beastfrisian, wolfrune, ravetuba

Comprehensive list of things that are randomized:
*Levels on the overworld, ensuring completion (all levels that have two exits are randomized in their own set; all boss levels are randomized in their own set; Turtle Zone Special can not be in Mushroom House's location)
*Exits in levels that have two exits (includes Tree Zone 2, Hippo, Space Zone 1, Macro Zone 1, Pumpkin Zone 2, Pumpkin Zone 3, Turtle Zone 2)
*Bosses in each boss level and boss health (each pig can have 4 to 8 health, tatanga, witch, and each Wario phase can have 6 to 10 health, and bird, octopus, and rat can have 6 to 12 health - fireballs do 1 damage, jumps do 2 damage)
*Enemies within each level (there are particular exceptions, such as nothing replacing bullet bills)
*Piranha plants and fire piranha plants are randomized throughout the game (exceptions include Pumpkin Zone 2, Pumpkin Zone 4, Macro Zone 3)
*Midway bells can be replaced with certain enemies
*All standalone powerups are randomized (moneybags are ignored in Tree Zone 1 and any level where they do not originally exist)
*All question mark powerup blocks are randomized
*Powerups in the Wario fight are randomized (if using a DX ROM, a heart is included as a possibility)
*Bonus bell game powerups are randomized
*Platforms in Tree Zone 4, Tree Zone 5, and Wario's Castle have been randomized, including the height of some platforms in Wario's Castle
*Music on the overworld and in each level has been randomized (music in levels can be sped up)
*Gravity can be randomized, ensuring completion (gravity can't be changed in Pumpkin Zone 2 or Macro Zone 2, and Pumpkin Zone 3 can't have moon gravity)
*Physics can be randomized, with Luigi and Ice as options (if using a DX ROM, it will force you to play as Mario or Luigi in some levels)
*Certain levels can become autoscrollers, ensuring completion (if Space Zone 1 has moon gravity it can't be an autoscroller, and if Space Zone 1 is an autoscroller, the midway bell is removed)
*Certain levels can have autoscrollers with double speed (if Hippo has moon gravity or if Mario Zone 3 is in Mushroom House's location, they can not have double speed)
*Credits are altered, and have random facts (by slashinfty and oh_deer) and lyrics (by iceplug)