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Printable Wikipedia Globe pieces
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Wikipedia globe letters chunky indent 10cm.stl
Wikipedia globe letters chunky indent.stl
Wikipedia globe letters indent.stl
Wikipedia globe letters no inset.blend
Wikipedia globe letters with platonic puzzle for print.blend
Wikipedia globe letters with platonic puzzle for print.stl
Wikipedia globe letters.blend
Wikipedia platonic puzzle 10cm for print.stl
Wikipedia platonic puzzle 5cm for print.stl


Printable Wikipedia Globe pieces.

I have printed WikipediaGlobePrintIndent.stl in Acrylic plastic through ShapeWays

It worked well enough, and I managed to build the puzzle globe but the pieces are actually a bit thin to work well as a puzzle, so I designed a thicker version. Wikipedia globe letters.blend I've kept the pieces in a globe orientation so that it's easy to make the pieces thinner or fatter, or to indent or outdent the letters, by scaling the respective vertices relative to the origin. I have written a Blender Python script to apply the required modification. I've also arranged the pieces for printing: the globe position is frame 1, and various arrangements are available along the timeline.

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