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Helium (2.X.X)
v 2.5.0
- show documentation for erlang modules #49
- stop alchemist server being 10 min idle
- Improve waiting time for alchemist_server to start
- fix a bug related to running alchemist.vim for the first time #64
v 2.4.0
- Don't run alchemist server if it's already running on parent dir #48
- Support for umbrella project #53
v 2.3.2
- fix mappings to be buffer local #58
- add autocomplete to :ExDef command #50
v 2.3.1
- fix autocomplete #52
v 2.3.0
- updated alchemist server to the latest version
v 2.2.1
- Fix a bug in autocomplete <module>.<func> with only one match
v 2.2.0
- Python3 compatibility
v 2.1.1
- fix the ansi colors in ExDoc lookup
v 2.1.0
- implement ExDef to jump to the definition.
- map CTRL-] to jump to the definition of the keyword under the cursor
- map CTRL-T Jump to older entry in the tag stack.
- support alias for erlang modules.
- IEx Integration
v 2.0.1
- Mix command is available on all buffers (bugfix)
v 2.0.0
- use absolute path of project directory
- detect project base dir based on running servers or locating mix.exs
- move autocomplete rules to python client
- set 10 seconds time while talking to alchemist server
- add mix support in command-line mode(enabled if you don't have any other mix plugin)
- auto complete for ExDoc in command-line mode
Hydrogen (1.X.X)
v 1.2.0
- improvements on looking up for module/function name
v 1.1.1
- restore default min_pattern_length for deoplete
v 1.1.0
- added support for deoplete
v 1.0.0
- initial release