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License GPL 3 Build Status

This plugin uses alchemist-server to give inside information about your elixir project in vim.

alchemist.vim supports:

  • Completion for Modules and functions.
  • Documentation lookup for Modules and functions.
  • Jump to the definition.
  • Mix integration.
  • IEx integration.


You can use your favourite VIM plugin manager for installation, in this doc we use Vundle

Add this line to your .vimrc

Plugin 'slashmili/alchemist.vim'


You can find more about short keys, commands and configs here.


If you faced any problem, create a new issue in the issue tracker.



Fork the project and help to add new feauters to the project. Don't know what to contribute? Take a look at the project todo list

Remember all interactions on our repositories follow elixir's Code of Conduct.