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  • get tmp dir
  • add unit test
  • set timeout for socket recv
  • find the base project dir(finding already running server/looking for mix.exs/...)
  • get full path of elixir project directory
  • rewrite in elixir (canceled)
  • write the autocomplete rules in the client

vim plugin

  • support auto complete for erlang modules(they start with :)
  • find a way to show document without creating tmp file
  • prevent toggling AnsiEsc
  • shift+k on module should show the module document
  • parse the current file and find all the alias and send it to alchemist
  • Detect the module that we are in
  • parse the current file and find the imported modules
  • Detect the modules that we are in and the alias and imported modules inside the module
  • be able to autocomplete current module functions
  • implement g] to jump to definition
  • Support alias for erlang module
  • support mix commands
  • support completion for :ExDoc
  • iex integration
  • Added omni search results to popupmenu-completion(canceled)
  • showing information about about data type
  • showing Function/Arity Types Information
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