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ExGuard is a mix command to handle events on file system modifications
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ExGuard is a mix command to handle events on file system modifications, ExGuard heavily borrowed ideas/art works from Ruby Guard


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  1. Add ex_guard to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

    def deps do
      [{:ex_guard, "~> 1.3", only: :dev}]
  2. Create a file named .exguard.exs in your root application directory:

    use ExGuard.Config
    guard("unit-test", run_on_start: true)
    |> command("mix test --color")
    |> watch(~r{\.(erl|ex|exs|eex|xrl|yrl)\z}i)
    |> ignore(~r{deps})
    |> notification(:auto)

    Look at below sample file for more fine-grained config.

  3. Run mix guard as soon as you change any file with above pattern, the test gets executed


Currently supports notification with tools:

In order to ExGuard sends notification, you need to make sure these tools are setup properly.

If you are using ExGuard mainly for Elixir test you may turn the notification off and use ExUnit Notifier instead.

Why ExGuard and not or eye_drops or XYZ

It's just a matter of taste!

With ExGuard you can run multiple commands and the config looks nice.

use ExGuard.Config

guard("elixir test", run_on_start: true)
|> command("mix test --color")
#only run related phoenix test when a file changes
|> watch({~r{lib/(?<lib_dir>.+_web)/(?<dir>.+)/(?<file>.+).ex$}i, fn m -> "test/#{m["lib_dir"]}/#{m["dir"]}/#{m["file"]}_test.exs" end})
# only if the above pattern doesn't match try to match all elixir/erlang source 
|> watch(~r{\.(erl|ex|exs|eex|xrl|yrl)\z}i)
|> ignore(~r{deps})
|> notification(:off) #Disabled it and using ex_unit_notifier instead

guard("elm test", run_on_start: true)
|> command("elm-test assets/tests/")
|> watch(~r{\.(elm)\z}i)
|> ignore(~r{elm-stuff})
|> notification(:auto)
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