/sBin/nuCache: Varnish-Cache Modular Configuration with Pre-Defined Production Ready Modules
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/sBin/nuCache v1.1.8


Varnish-Cache Modular Configurations & VCLs with Pre-Defined Production Ready Templates & Tweaks


  • Multi-Backends
  • Modules
    • Main: General Purpose WWW & Server-Side Language InDependant, Core nuCache Module
    • Custom Error: A Custom Error Page
    • PHP: PHP Specific
    • Drupal: Drupal Specific
    • .Net: ASP.Net Specific
    • ShortCircuit: Pipes All Requests to BackEnd when Enabled
    • ShortCircuitTrigger: Same as Mod-ShortCircuit but only when NUCACHE_FUZE QueryString is Set
    • Security: General W3 Security
    • Default: Default Built-in Varnish-Cache VCL
    • Debug: Sets Additional Information HTTP Headers for Debug Purposes
    • DebugTrigger: Same as Mod-Debug but only when NUCACHE_DEBUG QueryString is Set
    • Test: Empty Mdoule for Writing Custom Tests
    • UserCustom: Empty Mdoule for Writing Custom User Configurations


  • Varnish-Cache v3.0.x


  • backend.d/ Backends definition files
    • backend__.vcl.template Backend definition sample template
    • backend__main.vcl Main Backend
  • backends.vcl Enable/Disable Backends
  • module.d/ Modules definition files
    • mod_.vcl.template Module definition sample template
    • mod_default.vcl Mod-Default
    • mod_main.vcl Mod-Main(Core)
    • mod_main_lib.vcl Mod-Main Library
    • mod_main_acl.vcl Mod-Main ACL
    • mod_security.vcl Mod-Security
    • mod_php.vcl Mod-PHP
    • mod_php_lib.vcl Mod-PHP Library
    • mod_drupal.vcl Mod-Drupal
    • mod_drupal_lib.vcl Mod-Drupal Library
    • mod_drupal_acl.vcl Mod-Drupal ACL
    • mod_dotNet.vcl Mod-DotNet
    • mod_dotNet_lib.vcl Mod-DotNet Library
    • mod_shortCircuit.vcl Mod-ShortCircuit
    • mod_shortCircuitTrigger.vcl Mod-ShortCircuitTrigger
    • mod_customError.vcl Mod-CustomError
    • mod_debug.vcl Mod-Debug
    • mod_debugTrigger.vcl Mod-DebugTrigger
    • mod_debug_lib.vcl Mod-Debug Library
    • mod_test.vcl Mod-Test
    • mod_userCustom.vcl Mod-UserCustom
  • modules.vcl Enable/Disable Modules
  • etc/ ETC files
    • daemon VarnishD Daemon Config
  • nuCache.vcl Bootstarp File
  • INSTALL Installation Manual
  • VERSION nuCache Versoin
  • README.md Readme, You are here!


  1. Copy/Clone nuCache files to /etc/varnish

    $ cd /etc/varnish
    $ git clone https://github.com/slashsBin/nuCache.git .
  2. Use etc/daemon file as VarnishD Daemon Config file

    # Debian
    $ mv /etc/default/varnish{,.nuCacheSave}
    $ ln -s /etc/varnish/etc/daemon /etc/default/varnish
    # CentOS
    $ mv /etc/sysconfig/varnish{,.nuCacheSave}
    $ ln -s /etc/varnish/etc/daemon /etc/sysconfig/varnish
  3. Enjoy!

See INSTALL.md for more Information & details.


nuCache is licensed under the MIT License.