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SlashTrace - Awesome error handler - Sentry handler

This is the Sentry handler for SlashTrace. Use it to send your errors and exceptions to your Sentry account.


  1. Install using Composer:

    composer require slashtrace/slashtrace-sentry
  2. Hook it into SlashTrace:

    use SlashTrace\SlashTrace;
    use SlashTrace\Sentry\SentryHandler;
    $handler = new SentryHandler(""); // <- Your Sentry DSN. Get it from your projects settings on
    $slashtrace = new SlashTrace();

    Alternatively, you can pass in a pre-configured Sentry client when you instantiate the handler:

    $sentry = new Raven_Client("");
    $handler = new SentryHandler($sentry);

Read the SlashTrace docs to see how to capture errors and exceptions, and how to attach additional data to your events.