Templating system that embeds haXe into a text document.
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A templating system that embeds haXe into a text document using a similar syntax as eRuby. Uses hscript for parsing haXe in runtime.

Syntax examples:


for( i in 0...3 ) 
	print( "hello world " + i + "\n\" ); 

results in:

hello world 0
hello world 1
hello world 2


intro = "hello world ";
for( i in 0...3 ) 
	print( intro + i + "\n" ); 

results in:

hello world 0
hello world 1
hello world 2


<% str = "hey" %>
<p><%= str %></p>

results in:



<% for( str in ["a","b","c"] ) { %>
<p><%= str %></p>
<% } %>

results in:



% for( i in 0...3 )
% 	print( i + "\n" );

results in:



  • Allow for changing the "%" into any other character (like "$" to make it php-style)
  • Refactor the code instead of just copying the ihx-project CmdProcessor.
  • Give proper errors if it could not properly render, containing:
    • line numbers
    • column position
    • stacktrace
    • a small excerpt surrounding the "failed area" would be ideal.
  • Allow for adding more contexts (like if we have a "Helper"-class besides the passed in context)
  • Write more tests, more specific and bigger fixtures.
  • Add a command line version:
    • May pass in a file path as an argument.
    • May pass the text stream with STDIN (pipe-friendly).
    • Returns the converted file to STDOUT (pipe-friendly).
    • Need to be able to pass a "context" into it, maybe using hscript or json? -context or -ctx arguments, may be file paths or a direct string?.
    • Can be run either by using the "ehx"-executable (nekotools boot) or haxelib run ehx (is it possible to pass arguments?)
    • Problem with making an executable (atleast when using my macports): dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../lib/libneko.dylib
  • To be able to ignore the output of the line with the <%%>, like with <% -%> in erb. For a cleaner output.
  • Allow to pass a context with JSON format (mostly to the executable).
  • Fix the problems with using the -ctx argument, the arguments get stripped of " and ' and is split on spaces. STDIN way still works though.