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Character is powerful responsive javascript-based CMS for website and applications used by Slate Studio, build with CoffeeScript & jQuery.

Quick Start

For Rails demo project and to understand how Character works please check out our boilerplate project Venice — it assumes you have Ruby & MongoDB installed on your local machine.

Character Family:

  • Character: Powerful responsive javascript CMS engine built with CoffeeSript & jQuery
  • Venice: Website boilerplate for Rails + MongoDB projects
  • Mongosteen: Add CRUD actions for Mongoid models with one line
  • Loft: Media assets manager for Character CMS
  • Inverter: An easy way to connect Rails templates content to Character CMS


Copyright © 2015 Slate Studio, LLC. Character is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the license.

About Slate Studio

Slate Studio

Character is maintained and funded by Slate Studio, LLC. Tweet your questions or suggestions to @slatestudio and while you’re at it follow us too.