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Modern IRC client built with web technologies and node.js for OSX, Linux, and eventually Windows.

slate irc client


  • themable with CSS
  • scriptable with JavaScript
  • keyboard shortcuts and mapping
  • third-party plugin support
  • entirely built with web technologies for extensibility


TODO: when we have distribution set up


Slate is/was a single day hack project that was intended to be a kickstarter, however I ran out of time so now it's a partially-implemented IRC client! I had pretty lofty goals but unfortunately there's not enough time to go around, there are still many features missing, and it's not quite in a usable state, but with some community interest and love maybe it will get there some day! If not at least some useful/clean IRC libs are available at

Conceptually I really just wanted a clean, minimalistic IRC client, completely extensible through plugins. Ideally most of the core is written using such plugins. The entire thing should be themable, and the default theme should be programmer-friendly, aka get all the clutter out of my way, I just want to see chat logs.


  • press ? to display the shortcut dialog


Install node, node-webkit and clone the repo.

Build and run with:

$ make

Build with:

$ make build

Continuous build with:

$ watch make build