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Kiit CLI (command line interface) application to create Kiit projects


Refer to page on setup and the pages below

Page Link Notes
Site Main Site
Setup Set up CLI
Tools Set up Generator
Source Git Page for project


This is WIP ( work in progress ) and should be available very soon!

# WIP: This is just a test
brew tap slatekit/slatekit
brew install slatekit


  1. Ensure security -> privacy -> full disk access -> iterm2 ( of what ever terminal you use )
  2. Slow HomeBrew post install
  3. The install may be very slow with MacOS Catalina


  kiit new app -name="MyApp1" -package="company1.apps"
  kiit new api -name="MyAPI1" -package="company1.apis"
  kiit new cli -name="MyCLI1" -package="company1.apps"
  kiit new env -name="MyApp2" -package="company1.apps"
  kiit new job -name="MyJob1" -package=""
  kiit new lib -name="MyLib1" -package="company1.libs"
  kiit new orm -name="MyApp3" -package=""


brew tap 
brew info slatekit


brew uninstall slatekit
brew untap slatekit/slatekit


Steps to publish this CLI to make it available via HomeBrew Notes: These binaries are built at Much of this can be automated ( WIP - work in progress )

Build Slate Kit

You have to build Slate Kit first

  1. ensure env variable is set to export SLATEKIT_PROJECT_MODE=sources ( in mac .bashrc or .zshrc )
  2. checkout git repo for Slate Kit at ( e.g. ~/git/slatekit/slatekit )
  3. cd into the directory
  4. open ~/git/slatekit/slatekit/src/lib/kotlin/slatekit/src/main/resources/env.conf
  5. change the version numbers to the version of slate kit for slatekit.version, slatekit.version.cli e.g. ( 2.1.3 )
  6. run gradle clean build distZip ( to build the binaries )
  7. go to ~/git/slatekit/slatekit/src/lib/kotlin/slatekit/build/distributions
  8. unzip the zip file to directory slatekit

Package CLI

Once Slate Kit is built, there is a script to package the binaries and update the HomeBrew formula

  1. checkout this repo ( e.g. to ~/git/slatekit/slatekit-cli )
  2. on terminal move to build folder of slate kit cd ~/git/slatekit/slatekit/build
  3. open and ensure you set the root directory variables
  4. on terminal run the script ./slatekit-package-cli ( this will copy all needed files into the slatekit-cli project )
  5. commit the changes to slatekit-cli ( should have the env.conf and slate kit binaries/jars )
  6. create a release in see ( use version label format v2.1.3 )


Now that there is a relase of the CLI, we can package the HomeBrew formula

  1. checkout repo ( ~/git/slatekit/homebrew-slatekit )
  2. open the release ( e.g. )
  3. right click on the zip file and get the link to it ( e.g. Source code(tar.gz) )
  4. on terminal go to a temp directory ( e.g. ~/git/slatekit/tmp )
  5. download the url via curl ( e.g. curl -L > v2.1.3.tar.gz )
  6. get the sha of the file run shasum -a 256 v2.1.3.tar.gz ( e.g. 01dfe9a24293ea82503d89142bf3ce9514932370bdacc425de6c90e50b43aa31 )
  7. open file slatekit.rb in this homebrew-slatekit repo
  8. change the version url and sha256 fields in the file to reflect the version and shasum above
  9. commit the changes