Code Exercise for Wellspring
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Code Exercise for Wellspring

View the application

This is the result of my code screening exercise.


  • User error messages can be triggered by paginating outside of bounds or attempting to unselect all train line filters

  • Client side sorting only applies to currently viewed results. Click on Table Headers to sort

  • Filtering options demonstrate responsiveness. There is only one breakpoint at 640px

  • Menu and message animations are CSS3 transisions

Browsers Tested (all on Mac)

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Mobile Chrome (Android and iPhone devices)

Next Steps

These are the next things I would to to improve the application:

  • Add unit tests - likely jasmine

  • Work with designer to improve page styles

  • Refactor UI jQuery functions into MVC framework

  • Resolve outstanding bugs (below)

Known Outstanding Bugs

  • Error messages show below screen on iPhone

  • Duplicate new wntries from user form not cleared until results are filtered