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namespace factor
struct growable_array;
struct code_root;
struct factor_vm
// vvvvvv
// basis/vm/vm.factor
// basis/compiler/constants/constants.factor
/* Current context */
context *ctx;
/* Spare context -- for callbacks */
context *spare_ctx;
/* New objects are allocated here */
nursery_space nursery;
/* Add this to a shifted address to compute write barrier offsets */
cell cards_offset;
cell decks_offset;
/* cdecl signal handler address, used by signal handler subprimitives */
cell signal_handler_addr;
/* Various special objects, accessed by special-object and
set-special-object primitives */
cell special_objects[special_object_count];
// ^^^^^^
/* Handle to the main thread we run in */
/* Data stack and retain stack sizes */
cell datastack_size, retainstack_size, callstack_size;
/* Stack of callback IDs */
std::vector<int> callback_ids;
/* Next callback ID */
int callback_id;
/* List of callback function descriptors for PPC */
std::list<void **> function_descriptors;
/* Pooling unused contexts to make context allocation cheaper */
std::list<context *> unused_contexts;
/* Active contexts, for tracing by the GC */
std::set<context *> active_contexts;
/* Canonical truth value. In Factor, 't' */
cell true_object;
/* External entry points */
c_to_factor_func_type c_to_factor_func;
/* Is profiling enabled? */
volatile cell sampling_profiler_p;
fixnum samples_per_second;
/* Global variables used to pass fault handler state from signal handler
to VM */
bool signal_resumable;
cell signal_number;
cell signal_fault_addr;
unsigned int signal_fpu_status;
/* Pipe used to notify Factor multiplexer of signals */
int signal_pipe_input, signal_pipe_output;
/* State kept by the sampling profiler */
std::vector<profiling_sample> samples;
std::vector<cell> sample_callstacks;
/* GC is off during heap walking */
bool gc_off;
/* Data heap */
data_heap *data;
/* Code heap */
code_heap *code;
/* Pinned callback stubs */
callback_heap *callbacks;
/* Only set if we're performing a GC */
gc_state *current_gc;
volatile cell current_gc_p;
/* Set if we're in the jit */
volatile fixnum current_jit_count;
/* Mark stack */
std::vector<cell> mark_stack;
/* If not NULL, we push GC events here */
std::vector<gc_event> *gc_events;
/* If a runtime function needs to call another function which potentially
allocates memory, it must wrap any references to the data and code
heaps with data_root and code_root smart pointers, which register
themselves here. See data_roots.hpp and code_roots.hpp */
std::vector<data_root_range> data_roots;
std::vector<cell> bignum_roots;
std::vector<code_root *> code_roots;
/* Debugger */
bool fep_p;
bool fep_help_was_shown;
bool fep_disabled;
bool full_output;
/* Canonical bignums */
cell bignum_zero;
cell bignum_pos_one;
cell bignum_neg_one;
/* Method dispatch statistics */
dispatch_statistics dispatch_stats;
/* Number of entries in a polymorphic inline cache */
cell max_pic_size;
/* Incrementing object counter for identity hashing */
cell object_counter;
/* Sanity check to ensure that monotonic counter doesn't
decrease */
u64 last_nano_count;
/* Stack for signal handlers, only used on Unix */
segment *signal_callstack_seg;
/* Are we already handling a fault? Used to catch double memory faults */
bool faulting_p;
/* Safepoint state */
volatile safepoint_state safepoint;
// contexts
context *new_context();
void init_context(context *ctx);
void delete_context(context *old_context);
void init_contexts(cell datastack_size_, cell retainstack_size_, cell callstack_size_);
void delete_contexts();
cell begin_callback(cell quot);
void end_callback();
void primitive_current_callback();
void primitive_context_object();
void primitive_context_object_for();
void primitive_set_context_object();
cell stack_to_array(cell bottom, cell top);
cell datastack_to_array(context *ctx);
void primitive_datastack();
void primitive_datastack_for();
cell retainstack_to_array(context *ctx);
void primitive_retainstack();
void primitive_retainstack_for();
cell array_to_stack(array *array, cell bottom);
void set_datastack(context *ctx, array *array);
void primitive_set_datastack();
void set_retainstack(context *ctx, array *array);
void primitive_set_retainstack();
void primitive_check_datastack();
void primitive_load_locals();
template<typename Iterator> void iterate_active_callstacks(Iterator &iter)
std::set<context *>::const_iterator begin = active_contexts.begin();
std::set<context *>::const_iterator end = active_contexts.end();
while(begin != end) iterate_callstack(*begin++,iter);
// run
void primitive_exit();
void primitive_nano_count();
void primitive_sleep();
void primitive_set_slot();
// objects
void primitive_special_object();
void primitive_set_special_object();
void primitive_identity_hashcode();
void compute_identity_hashcode(object *obj);
void primitive_compute_identity_hashcode();
cell object_size(cell tagged);
cell clone_object(cell obj_);
void primitive_clone();
void primitive_become();
// sampling_profiler
void clear_samples();
void record_sample();
void record_callstack_sample(cell *begin, cell *end);
void start_sampling_profiler(fixnum rate);
void end_sampling_profiler();
void set_sampling_profiler(fixnum rate);
void primitive_sampling_profiler();
void primitive_get_samples();
void primitive_clear_samples();
// errors
void general_error(vm_error_type error, cell arg1, cell arg2);
void type_error(cell type, cell tagged);
void not_implemented_error();
void memory_protection_error(cell addr);
void signal_error(cell signal);
void divide_by_zero_error();
void fp_trap_error(unsigned int fpu_status);
void primitive_unimplemented();
void memory_signal_handler_impl();
void synchronous_signal_handler_impl();
void fp_signal_handler_impl();
// bignum
int bignum_equal_p(bignum * x, bignum * y);
enum bignum_comparison bignum_compare(bignum * x, bignum * y);
bignum *bignum_add(bignum * x, bignum * y);
bignum *bignum_subtract(bignum * x, bignum * y);
bignum *bignum_multiply(bignum * x, bignum * y);
void bignum_divide(bignum * numerator, bignum * denominator, bignum * * quotient, bignum * * remainder);
bignum *bignum_quotient(bignum * numerator, bignum * denominator);
bignum *bignum_remainder(bignum * numerator, bignum * denominator);
cell bignum_to_cell(bignum * bignum);
fixnum bignum_to_fixnum(bignum * bignum);
s64 bignum_to_long_long(bignum * bignum);
u64 bignum_to_ulong_long(bignum * bignum);
bignum *double_to_bignum(double x);
int bignum_equal_p_unsigned(bignum * x, bignum * y);
enum bignum_comparison bignum_compare_unsigned(bignum * x, bignum * y);
bignum *bignum_add_unsigned(bignum * x, bignum * y, int negative_p);
bignum *bignum_subtract_unsigned(bignum * x, bignum * y);
bignum *bignum_multiply_unsigned(bignum * x, bignum * y, int negative_p);
bignum *bignum_multiply_unsigned_small_factor(bignum * x, bignum_digit_type y,int negative_p);
void bignum_destructive_add(bignum * bignum, bignum_digit_type n);
void bignum_destructive_scale_up(bignum * bignum, bignum_digit_type factor);
void bignum_divide_unsigned_large_denominator(bignum * numerator, bignum * denominator,
bignum * * quotient, bignum * * remainder, int q_negative_p, int r_negative_p);
void bignum_divide_unsigned_normalized(bignum * u, bignum * v, bignum * q);
bignum_digit_type bignum_divide_subtract(bignum_digit_type * v_start, bignum_digit_type * v_end,
bignum_digit_type guess, bignum_digit_type * u_start);
void bignum_divide_unsigned_medium_denominator(bignum * numerator,bignum_digit_type denominator,
bignum * * quotient, bignum * * remainder,int q_negative_p, int r_negative_p);
void bignum_destructive_normalization(bignum * source, bignum * target, int shift_left);
void bignum_destructive_unnormalization(bignum * bignum, int shift_right);
bignum_digit_type bignum_digit_divide(bignum_digit_type uh, bignum_digit_type ul,
bignum_digit_type v, bignum_digit_type * q) /* return value */;
bignum_digit_type bignum_digit_divide_subtract(bignum_digit_type v1, bignum_digit_type v2,
bignum_digit_type guess, bignum_digit_type * u);
void bignum_divide_unsigned_small_denominator(bignum * numerator, bignum_digit_type denominator,
bignum * * quotient, bignum * * remainder,int q_negative_p, int r_negative_p);
bignum_digit_type bignum_destructive_scale_down(bignum * bignum, bignum_digit_type denominator);
bignum * bignum_remainder_unsigned_small_denominator(bignum * n, bignum_digit_type d, int negative_p);
bignum *bignum_digit_to_bignum(bignum_digit_type digit, int negative_p);
bignum *allot_bignum(bignum_length_type length, int negative_p);
bignum * allot_bignum_zeroed(bignum_length_type length, int negative_p);
bignum *bignum_shorten_length(bignum * bignum, bignum_length_type length);
bignum *bignum_trim(bignum * bignum);
bignum *bignum_new_sign(bignum * x, int negative_p);
bignum *bignum_maybe_new_sign(bignum * x, int negative_p);
void bignum_destructive_copy(bignum * source, bignum * target);
bignum *bignum_bitwise_not(bignum * x);
bignum *bignum_arithmetic_shift(bignum * arg1, fixnum n);
bignum *bignum_bitwise_and(bignum * arg1, bignum * arg2);
bignum *bignum_bitwise_ior(bignum * arg1, bignum * arg2);
bignum *bignum_bitwise_xor(bignum * arg1, bignum * arg2);
bignum *bignum_magnitude_ash(bignum * arg1, fixnum n);
bignum *bignum_pospos_bitwise_op(int op, bignum * arg1, bignum * arg2);
bignum *bignum_posneg_bitwise_op(int op, bignum * arg1, bignum * arg2);
bignum *bignum_negneg_bitwise_op(int op, bignum * arg1, bignum * arg2);
void bignum_negate_magnitude(bignum * arg);
bignum *bignum_integer_length(bignum * x);
int bignum_logbitp(int shift, bignum * arg);
int bignum_unsigned_logbitp(int shift, bignum * bignum);
//data heap
void init_card_decks();
void set_data_heap(data_heap *data_);
void init_data_heap(cell young_size, cell aging_size, cell tenured_size);
void primitive_size();
data_heap_room data_room();
void primitive_data_room();
void begin_scan();
void end_scan();
cell instances(cell type);
void primitive_all_instances();
template<typename Generation, typename Iterator>
inline void each_object(Generation *gen, Iterator &iterator)
cell obj = gen->first_object();
iterator((object *)obj);
obj = gen->next_object_after(obj);
template<typename Iterator> inline void each_object(Iterator &iterator)
gc_off = true;
gc_off = false;
/* the write barrier must be called any time we are potentially storing a
pointer from an older generation to a younger one */
inline void write_barrier(cell *slot_ptr)
*(char *)(cards_offset + ((cell)slot_ptr >> card_bits)) = card_mark_mask;
*(char *)(decks_offset + ((cell)slot_ptr >> deck_bits)) = card_mark_mask;
inline void write_barrier(object *obj, cell size)
cell start = (cell)obj & (~card_size + 1);
cell end = ((cell)obj + size + card_size - 1) & (~card_size + 1);
for(cell offset = start; offset < end; offset += card_size)
write_barrier((cell *)offset);
// data heap checker
void check_data_heap();
// gc
void end_gc();
void set_current_gc_op(gc_op op);
void start_gc_again();
void update_code_heap_for_minor_gc(std::set<code_block *> *remembered_set);
void collect_nursery();
void collect_aging();
void collect_to_tenured();
void update_code_roots_for_sweep();
void update_code_roots_for_compaction();
void collect_mark_impl(bool trace_contexts_p);
void collect_sweep_impl();
void collect_full(bool trace_contexts_p);
void collect_compact_impl(bool trace_contexts_p);
void collect_compact_code_impl(bool trace_contexts_p);
void collect_compact(bool trace_contexts_p);
void collect_growing_heap(cell requested_size, bool trace_contexts_p);
void gc(gc_op op, cell requested_size, bool trace_contexts_p);
void scrub_context(context *ctx);
void scrub_contexts();
void primitive_minor_gc();
void primitive_full_gc();
void primitive_compact_gc();
void primitive_enable_gc_events();
void primitive_disable_gc_events();
object *allot_object(cell type, cell size);
object *allot_large_object(cell type, cell size);
template<typename Type> Type *allot(cell size)
return (Type *)allot_object(Type::type_number,size);
inline void check_data_pointer(object *pointer)
if(!(current_gc && current_gc->op == collect_growing_heap_op))
// generic arrays
template<typename Array> Array *allot_uninitialized_array(cell capacity);
template<typename Array> bool reallot_array_in_place_p(Array *array, cell capacity);
template<typename Array> Array *reallot_array(Array *array_, cell capacity);
// debug
void print_chars(string* str);
void print_word(word* word, cell nesting);
void print_factor_string(string* str);
void print_array(array* array, cell nesting);
void print_byte_array(byte_array *array, cell nesting);
void print_tuple(tuple *tuple, cell nesting);
void print_alien(alien *alien, cell nesting);
void print_nested_obj(cell obj, fixnum nesting);
void print_obj(cell obj);
void print_objects(cell *start, cell *end);
void print_datastack();
void print_retainstack();
void print_callstack();
void dump_cell(cell x);
void dump_memory(cell from, cell to);
template<typename Generation> void dump_generation(const char *name, Generation *gen);
void dump_generations();
void dump_objects(cell type);
void find_data_references_step(cell *scan);
void find_data_references(cell look_for_);
void dump_code_heap();
void factorbug_usage(bool advanced_p);
void factorbug();
void primitive_die();
// arrays
inline void set_array_nth(array *array, cell slot, cell value);
array *allot_array(cell capacity, cell fill_);
void primitive_array();
cell allot_array_1(cell obj_);
cell allot_array_2(cell v1_, cell v2_);
cell allot_array_4(cell v1_, cell v2_, cell v3_, cell v4_);
void primitive_resize_array();
cell std_vector_to_array(std::vector<cell> &elements);
// strings
string *allot_string_internal(cell capacity);
void fill_string(string *str_, cell start, cell capacity, cell fill);
string *allot_string(cell capacity, cell fill);
void primitive_string();
bool reallot_string_in_place_p(string *str, cell capacity);
string* reallot_string(string *str_, cell capacity);
void primitive_resize_string();
void primitive_set_string_nth_fast();
// booleans
cell tag_boolean(cell untagged)
return (untagged ? true_object : false_object);
// byte arrays
byte_array *allot_byte_array(cell size);
void primitive_byte_array();
void primitive_uninitialized_byte_array();
void primitive_resize_byte_array();
template<typename Type> byte_array *byte_array_from_value(Type *value);
// tuples
void primitive_tuple();
void primitive_tuple_boa();
// words
word *allot_word(cell name_, cell vocab_, cell hashcode_);
void primitive_word();
void primitive_word_code();
void primitive_optimized_p();
void primitive_wrapper();
void jit_compile_word(cell word_, cell def_, bool relocating);
cell find_all_words();
void compile_all_words();
// math
void primitive_bignum_to_fixnum();
void primitive_float_to_fixnum();
void primitive_fixnum_divint();
void primitive_fixnum_divmod();
bignum *fixnum_to_bignum(fixnum);
bignum *cell_to_bignum(cell);
bignum *long_long_to_bignum(s64 n);
bignum *ulong_long_to_bignum(u64 n);
inline fixnum sign_mask(fixnum x);
inline fixnum branchless_max(fixnum x, fixnum y);
inline fixnum branchless_abs(fixnum x);
void primitive_fixnum_shift();
void primitive_fixnum_to_bignum();
void primitive_float_to_bignum();
void primitive_bignum_eq();
void primitive_bignum_add();
void primitive_bignum_subtract();
void primitive_bignum_multiply();
void primitive_bignum_divint();
void primitive_bignum_divmod();
void primitive_bignum_mod();
void primitive_bignum_and();
void primitive_bignum_or();
void primitive_bignum_xor();
void primitive_bignum_shift();
void primitive_bignum_less();
void primitive_bignum_lesseq();
void primitive_bignum_greater();
void primitive_bignum_greatereq();
void primitive_bignum_not();
void primitive_bignum_bitp();
void primitive_bignum_log2();
inline cell unbox_array_size();
cell unbox_array_size_slow();
void primitive_fixnum_to_float();
void primitive_format_float();
void primitive_float_eq();
void primitive_float_add();
void primitive_float_subtract();
void primitive_float_multiply();
void primitive_float_divfloat();
void primitive_float_less();
void primitive_float_lesseq();
void primitive_float_greater();
void primitive_float_greatereq();
void primitive_float_bits();
void primitive_bits_float();
void primitive_double_bits();
void primitive_bits_double();
fixnum to_fixnum(cell tagged);
cell to_cell(cell tagged);
cell from_signed_8(s64 n);
s64 to_signed_8(cell obj);
cell from_unsigned_8(u64 n);
u64 to_unsigned_8(cell obj);
float to_float(cell value);
double to_double(cell value);
inline void overflow_fixnum_add(fixnum x, fixnum y);
inline void overflow_fixnum_subtract(fixnum x, fixnum y);
inline void overflow_fixnum_multiply(fixnum x, fixnum y);
inline cell from_signed_cell(fixnum x);
inline cell from_unsigned_cell(cell x);
inline cell allot_float(double n);
inline bignum *float_to_bignum(cell tagged);
inline double untag_float(cell tagged);
inline double untag_float_check(cell tagged);
inline fixnum float_to_fixnum(cell tagged);
inline double fixnum_to_float(cell tagged);
// tagged
template<typename Type> Type *untag_check(cell value);
// io
void init_c_io();
void io_error();
FILE* safe_fopen(char *filename, char *mode);
int safe_fgetc(FILE *stream);
size_t safe_fread(void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nitems, FILE *stream);
void safe_fputc(int c, FILE* stream);
size_t safe_fwrite(void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nitems, FILE *stream);
int safe_ftell(FILE *stream);
void safe_fseek(FILE *stream, off_t offset, int whence);
void safe_fflush(FILE *stream);
void safe_fclose(FILE *stream);
void primitive_fopen();
FILE *pop_file_handle();
void primitive_fgetc();
void primitive_fread();
void primitive_fputc();
void primitive_fwrite();
void primitive_ftell();
void primitive_fseek();
void primitive_fflush();
void primitive_fclose();
// code_block
cell compute_entry_point_address(cell obj);
cell compute_entry_point_pic_address(word *w, cell tagged_quot);
cell compute_entry_point_pic_address(cell w_);
cell compute_entry_point_pic_tail_address(cell w_);
cell code_block_owner(code_block *compiled);
void update_word_references(code_block *compiled, bool reset_inline_caches);
void undefined_symbol();
cell compute_dlsym_address(array *literals, cell index);
cell compute_dlsym_toc_address(array *literals, cell index);
cell compute_vm_address(cell arg);
void store_external_address(instruction_operand op);
cell compute_here_address(cell arg, cell offset, code_block *compiled);
void initialize_code_block(code_block *compiled, cell literals);
void initialize_code_block(code_block *compiled);
void fixup_labels(array *labels, code_block *compiled);
code_block *allot_code_block(cell size, code_block_type type);
code_block *add_code_block(code_block_type type, cell code_, cell labels_, cell owner_, cell relocation_, cell parameters_, cell literals_);
//code heap
inline void check_code_pointer(cell ptr) { }
template<typename Iterator> void each_code_block(Iterator &iter)
void init_code_heap(cell size);
void update_code_heap_words(bool reset_inline_caches);
void initialize_code_blocks();
void primitive_modify_code_heap();
code_heap_room code_room();
void primitive_code_room();
void primitive_strip_stack_traces();
cell code_blocks();
void primitive_code_blocks();
// callbacks
void init_callbacks(cell size);
void primitive_callback();
// image
void init_objects(image_header *h);
void load_data_heap(FILE *file, image_header *h, vm_parameters *p);
void load_code_heap(FILE *file, image_header *h, vm_parameters *p);
bool save_image(const vm_char *saving_filename, const vm_char *filename);
void primitive_save_image();
void primitive_save_image_and_exit();
void fixup_data(cell data_offset, cell code_offset);
void fixup_code(cell data_offset, cell code_offset);
void load_image(vm_parameters *p);
// callstack
template<typename Iterator> void iterate_callstack_object(callstack *stack_, Iterator &iterator);
void check_frame(stack_frame *frame);
callstack *allot_callstack(cell size);
stack_frame *second_from_top_stack_frame(context *ctx);
cell capture_callstack(context *ctx);
void primitive_callstack();
void primitive_callstack_for();
code_block *frame_code(stack_frame *frame);
code_block_type frame_type(stack_frame *frame);
cell frame_executing(stack_frame *frame);
cell frame_executing_quot(stack_frame *frame);
stack_frame *frame_successor(stack_frame *frame);
cell frame_scan(stack_frame *frame);
cell frame_offset(stack_frame *frame);
void set_frame_offset(stack_frame *frame, cell offset);
void primitive_callstack_to_array();
stack_frame *innermost_stack_frame(stack_frame *bottom, stack_frame *top);
void primitive_innermost_stack_frame_executing();
void primitive_innermost_stack_frame_scan();
void primitive_set_innermost_stack_frame_quot();
void primitive_callstack_bounds();
template<typename Iterator> void iterate_callstack(context *ctx, Iterator &iterator);
// cpu-*
void dispatch_signal_handler(cell *sp, cell *pc, cell newpc);
// alien
char *pinned_alien_offset(cell obj);
cell allot_alien(cell delegate_, cell displacement);
cell allot_alien(void *address);
void primitive_displaced_alien();
void primitive_alien_address();
void *alien_pointer();
void primitive_dlopen();
void primitive_dlsym();
void primitive_dlsym_raw();
void primitive_dlclose();
void primitive_dll_validp();
char *alien_offset(cell obj);
// quotations
void primitive_jit_compile();
void *lazy_jit_compile_entry_point();
void primitive_array_to_quotation();
void primitive_quotation_code();
code_block *jit_compile_quot(cell owner_, cell quot_, bool relocating);
void jit_compile_quot(cell quot_, bool relocating);
fixnum quot_code_offset_to_scan(cell quot_, cell offset);
cell lazy_jit_compile(cell quot);
bool quot_compiled_p(quotation *quot);
void primitive_quot_compiled_p();
cell find_all_quotations();
void initialize_all_quotations();
// dispatch
cell search_lookup_alist(cell table, cell klass);
cell search_lookup_hash(cell table, cell klass, cell hashcode);
cell nth_superclass(tuple_layout *layout, fixnum echelon);
cell nth_hashcode(tuple_layout *layout, fixnum echelon);
cell lookup_tuple_method(cell obj, cell methods);
cell lookup_method(cell obj, cell methods);
void primitive_lookup_method();
cell object_class(cell obj);
cell method_cache_hashcode(cell klass, array *array);
void update_method_cache(cell cache, cell klass, cell method);
void primitive_mega_cache_miss();
void primitive_reset_dispatch_stats();
void primitive_dispatch_stats();
// inline cache
void init_inline_caching(int max_size);
void deallocate_inline_cache(cell return_address);
cell determine_inline_cache_type(array *cache_entries);
void update_pic_count(cell type);
code_block *compile_inline_cache(fixnum index,cell generic_word_,cell methods_,cell cache_entries_,bool tail_call_p);
void *megamorphic_call_stub(cell generic_word);
cell inline_cache_size(cell cache_entries);
cell add_inline_cache_entry(cell cache_entries_, cell klass_, cell method_);
void update_pic_transitions(cell pic_size);
void *inline_cache_miss(cell return_address);
// entry points
void c_to_factor(cell quot);
template<typename Func> Func get_entry_point(cell n);
void unwind_native_frames(cell quot, stack_frame *to);
cell get_fpu_state();
void set_fpu_state(cell state);
// factor
void default_parameters(vm_parameters *p);
bool factor_arg(const vm_char *str, const vm_char *arg, cell *value);
void init_parameters_from_args(vm_parameters *p, int argc, vm_char **argv);
void prepare_boot_image();
void init_factor(vm_parameters *p);
void pass_args_to_factor(int argc, vm_char **argv);
void start_factor(vm_parameters *p);
void stop_factor();
void start_embedded_factor(vm_parameters *p);
void start_standalone_factor(int argc, vm_char **argv);
char *factor_eval_string(char *string);
void factor_eval_free(char *result);
void factor_yield();
void factor_sleep(long us);
// os-*
void primitive_existsp();
void move_file(const vm_char *path1, const vm_char *path2);
void init_ffi();
void ffi_dlopen(dll *dll);
void *ffi_dlsym(dll *dll, symbol_char *symbol);
void *ffi_dlsym_raw(dll *dll, symbol_char *symbol);
void *ffi_dlsym_toc(dll *dll, symbol_char *symbol);
void ffi_dlclose(dll *dll);
void c_to_factor_toplevel(cell quot);
void init_signals();
void start_sampling_profiler_timer();
void end_sampling_profiler_timer();
void open_console();
void lock_console();
void unlock_console();
// os-windows
#if defined(WINDOWS)
HANDLE sampler_thread;
void sampler_thread_loop();
const vm_char *vm_executable_path();
const vm_char *default_image_path();
void windows_image_path(vm_char *full_path, vm_char *temp_path, unsigned int length);
BOOL windows_stat(vm_char *path);
LONG exception_handler(PEXCEPTION_RECORD e, void *frame, PCONTEXT c, void *dispatch);
#else // UNIX
void dispatch_signal(void *uap, void (handler)());
void unix_init_signals();
#ifdef __APPLE__
void call_fault_handler(exception_type_t exception, exception_data_type_t code, MACH_EXC_STATE_TYPE *exc_state, MACH_THREAD_STATE_TYPE *thread_state, MACH_FLOAT_STATE_TYPE *float_state);
factor_vm(THREADHANDLE thread_id);
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