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namespace factor
#if defined(WINDOWS) && defined(FACTOR_64)
const cell seh_area_size = 1024;
const cell seh_area_size = 0;
struct code_heap {
/* The actual memory area */
segment *seg;
/* Memory area reserved for safepoint guard page */
void *safepoint_page;
/* Memory area reserved for SEH. Only used on Windows */
char *seh_area;
/* Memory allocator */
free_list_allocator<code_block> *allocator;
std::set<cell> all_blocks;
/* Keys are blocks which need to be initialized by initialize_code_block().
Values are literal tables. Literal table arrays are GC roots until the
time the block is initialized, after which point they are discarded. */
std::map<code_block *, cell> uninitialized_blocks;
/* Code blocks which may reference objects in the nursery */
std::set<code_block *> points_to_nursery;
/* Code blocks which may reference objects in aging space or the nursery */
std::set<code_block *> points_to_aging;
explicit code_heap(cell size);
void write_barrier(code_block *compiled);
void clear_remembered_set();
bool uninitialized_p(code_block *compiled);
bool marked_p(code_block *compiled);
void set_marked_p(code_block *compiled);
void clear_mark_bits();
void free(code_block *compiled);
void flush_icache();
void guard_safepoint();
void unguard_safepoint();
void verify_all_blocks_set();
void initialize_all_blocks_set();
void sweep();
code_block *code_block_for_address(cell address);
bool safepoint_p(cell addr)
cell page_mask = ~(getpagesize() - 1);
return (addr & page_mask) == (cell)safepoint_page;
struct code_heap_room {
cell size;
cell occupied_space;
cell total_free;
cell contiguous_free;
cell free_block_count;
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