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namespace factor
static const cell image_magic = 0x0f0e0d0c;
static const cell image_version = 4;
struct embedded_image_footer {
cell magic;
cell image_offset;
struct image_header {
cell magic;
cell version;
/* base address of data heap when image was saved */
cell data_relocation_base;
/* size of heap */
cell data_size;
/* base address of code heap when image was saved */
cell code_relocation_base;
/* size of code heap */
cell code_size;
/* tagged pointer to t singleton */
cell true_object;
/* tagged pointer to bignum 0 */
cell bignum_zero;
/* tagged pointer to bignum 1 */
cell bignum_pos_one;
/* tagged pointer to bignum -1 */
cell bignum_neg_one;
/* Initial user environment */
cell special_objects[special_object_count];
struct vm_parameters {
bool embedded_image;
const vm_char *image_path;
const vm_char *executable_path;
cell datastack_size, retainstack_size, callstack_size;
cell young_size, aging_size, tenured_size;
cell code_size;
bool fep;
bool console;
bool signals;
cell max_pic_size;
cell callback_size;
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