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#include "master.hpp"
namespace factor
std::map<THREADHANDLE, factor_vm*> thread_vms;
struct startargs {
int argc;
vm_char **argv;
// arg must be new'ed because we're going to delete it!
void *start_standalone_factor_thread(void *arg)
factor_vm *newvm = new_factor_vm();
startargs *args = (startargs*) arg;
int argc = args->argc; vm_char **argv = args->argv;
delete args;
newvm->start_standalone_factor(argc, argv);
return 0;
VM_C_API THREADHANDLE start_standalone_factor_in_new_thread(int argc, vm_char **argv)
startargs *args = new startargs;
args->argc = argc; args->argv = argv;
return start_thread(start_standalone_factor_thread,args);
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