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#include "master.hpp"
namespace factor
/* Fill in a PPC function descriptor */
void *fill_function_descriptor(void *ptr, void *code)
void **descriptor = (void **)ptr;
descriptor[0] = code;
descriptor[1] = NULL;
descriptor[2] = NULL;
return descriptor;
/* Get a field from a PPC function descriptor */
void *function_descriptor_field(void *ptr, size_t idx)
return ptr ? ((void **) ptr)[idx] : ptr;
/* If memory allocation fails, bail out */
vm_char *safe_strdup(const vm_char *str)
vm_char *ptr = STRDUP(str);
if(!ptr) fatal_error("Out of memory in safe_strdup", 0);
return ptr;
cell read_cell_hex()
cell cell;
std::cin >> std::hex >> cell >> std::dec;
if(!std::cin.good()) exit(1);
return cell;
/* On Windows, memcpy() is in a different DLL and the non-optimizing
compiler can't find it */
VM_C_API void *factor_memcpy(void *dst, void *src, size_t len)
return memcpy(dst,src,len);
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