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Commits on May 19, 2015
  1. @erg
  2. @erg
  3. @erg
  4. @erg
Commits on May 18, 2015
  1. @mrjbq7
  2. @erg

    cpu.architecture: Fix trivial doc.

    erg authored
  3. @bjourne
Commits on May 17, 2015
  1. @mrjbq7
  2. @bjourne

    compiler.*: new cfg instruction ##clear, it makes it easier to see where

    bjourne authored
    the compiler.cfg.stacks.clearing pass inserts extra instructions
  3. @bjourne

    compiler.*: now when we're tracking uninitialized locations instead of

    bjourne authored
    initialized ones, the height slot isn't needed on ##call anymore
  4. @bjourne
  5. @bjourne

    compiler.cfg.stacks.*: new attempt at fixing the gc maps bugs

    bjourne authored
    the padding vocab is inverted so that instead of trying to track which
    locations are live, it tracks those which are dead which is much easier
    to get right.
Commits on May 14, 2015
  1. @mrjbq7
Commits on May 13, 2015
  1. @mrjbq7

    minor cleanup to some docs.

    mrjbq7 authored
  2. @mrjbq7
  3. @mrjbq7
  4. @mrjbq7

    picomath: simplify.

    mrjbq7 authored
  5. @mrjbq7
  6. @mrjbq7
  7. @erg
  8. @mrjbq7

    update vim syntax file.

    mrjbq7 authored
  9. @mrjbq7
  10. @mrjbq7
  11. @mrjbq7
  12. @mrjbq7
  13. @mrjbq7
Commits on May 12, 2015
  1. @mrjbq7
  2. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    io.crlf: the lf>crlf and crlf>lf words looks generally useful, lets p…

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    …ut them in io.crlf to reduce some code duplication
  3. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    http.server.requests: an upper limit is needed for the content-length…

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    … header
  4. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    http.server: extend handle-client-error so that it responds with 400 …

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    …Bad Request if the request is invalid
  5. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    http.server.requests: if the content-length header is missing or inva…

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    …lid, a (controlled) error is thrown
  6. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    http.server.requests: system for read-request for reporting errors

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    The idea is that read-request throws request-error if something is
    wrong with the request. handle-client* can then catch it and respond
    with 400 bad request. This way you can differentiate between bad
    requests and requests that causes the HTTP server to crash.
  7. @bjourne @mrjbq7
  8. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    mime.multipart: removed call to maybe-fill-bytes, fixes multipart par…

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    …sing of short payloads
  9. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    http.server.requests: refactor the http.server vocabs request handlin…

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    …g into its own vocab
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