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Commits on Aug 4, 2015
  1. @erg
  2. @mrjbq7

    vm: minor fixes.

    mrjbq7 authored
  3. @bjourne

    VM: fix silly compile error

    bjourne authored
  4. @bjourne
  5. @bjourne

    VM: bump stack_reserved from 1kb to 4kb

    bjourne authored
    The added test case fails with a doulbe fault, which appears to be
    caused by a stack overflow in the code that tries to handle the stack
    overflow. So bumping it to 4096 bytes should give the code enough stack
    space to play with.
  6. @bjourne
  7. @bjourne
  8. @bjourne
  9. @bjourne

    VM: a bunch of methods on factor_vm that can be converted into free

    bjourne authored
    I think that makes it easier to see whats going on than having
    everything added to factor_vm
  10. @bjourne
  11. @bjourne

    VM: you can insert the write_barrier() the first time you interate the

    bjourne authored
    blocks, so you don't need to do it twice
  12. @bjourne

    VM: new method visit_instruction_operands(), it replaces the instruction

    bjourne authored
    operand iteration code in compaction.cpp and image.cpp
  13. @bjourne

    VM: refactors slot_visitor by removing a lot of one-use methods

    bjourne authored
    I think it's easier to see the code flow if small method bodies that are
    only called once are inlined into visit_all_roots() instead
  14. @bjourne

    VM: word_stack_frame_p() is not used and find_all_quotations() is

    bjourne authored
    trivial so those methods can be removed
  15. @bjourne
  16. @bjourne
  17. @bjourne

    VM: remove the collect_compact_code_impl(), collect_compact_impl() can

    bjourne authored
    be used instead
    this might slow down collect_growing_heap(), but heap growth happens so
    rarely that it shouldn't matter
  18. @bjourne
  19. @bjourne
  20. @bjourne
  21. @bjourne

    VM: use a function update_relocation to replace the

    bjourne authored
    code_block_compaction_relocation_visitor struct
Commits on Aug 3, 2015
  1. @erg

    json.reader: Fix json reader for empty files to parse as H{ }. Add pa…

    erg authored
    …th>json word.
    Rename read-jsons
Commits on Aug 1, 2015
  1. @erg
  2. @erg

    syntax docs: Fix octal example.

    erg authored
  3. @mrjbq7
  4. @mrjbq7
  5. @mrjbq7

    stack-checker: using cleanup.

    mrjbq7 authored
Commits on Jul 31, 2015
  1. @mrjbq7
  2. @mrjbq7
Commits on Jul 30, 2015
  1. @jonenst @mrjbq7

    math.parser: support >bin and >oct for floats

    jonenst authored mrjbq7 committed
    This is for symmetry with "0o1p0", "0b1p0", bin> and hex> which
    all already work
  2. @jonenst @mrjbq7
  3. @jonenst @mrjbq7

    docs: hex floats exponents became mandatory

    jonenst authored mrjbq7 committed
  4. @jonenst @mrjbq7
  5. @jonenst @mrjbq7

    math.parser: don't lose precision in make-float-bin-exponent

    jonenst authored mrjbq7 committed
  6. @mrjbq7
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