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Commits on Aug 28, 2015
  1. @erg
  2. @erg

    vocabs.metadata: Fix test so it stops trying to load the wrong platfo…

    erg authored
    …rm vocabulary forever. Fixes #1463.
Commits on Aug 27, 2015
  1. @erg
Commits on Aug 26, 2015
  1. @bjourne
  2. @bjourne

    VM: fix jit-signal-handler-prolog/epilog to account for the home space

    bjourne authored
    Windows 64bit abi requires callers to reserve 32 bytes of home space in
    the stack frame which the callee is free to clobber. Previous versions
    of VS didn't compile code to take advantage of the home space so it
    worked fined. VS2015 however, is using the home space which causes
    registers and flags that were supposed to be saved to be
    overwritten. The fix is to put a little extra empty space at the bottom
    of the stack frame.
  3. @bjourne
  4. @bjourne
  5. @bjourne
  6. @bjourne
  7. @erg
  8. @erg add g++ to deps-apt-get. Add all() function to make sure w…

    erg authored
    …e have both gcc and g++ (since they install separately). Add any() function to tell which of the commands it finds. Fix bug with wget/curl where the function was not meant to accept multiple arguments.
Commits on Aug 24, 2015
  1. @mrjbq7
  2. @mrjbq7
  3. @bjourne @mrjbq7
  4. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    VM: new function set_safepoint_guard to replace the functions (un)gua…

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
  5. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    VM: new function set_memory_locked(true/false)

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    it wraps the mprotect/VirtualProtect platform differences and makes it
    so you can unify some windows/unix code path forks
  6. @bjourne @mrjbq7
  7. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    VM: make the debug output a little prettier

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
  8. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    VM: the windows_image_path method is unused

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
  9. @erg

    words: cleaning up word-props

    erg authored
  10. @erg
  11. @erg Prefer clang to gcc and stop special-casing mac.

    erg authored
    Add deps-dnf command to install all Fedora packages.
    Add full-report command to see what's installed.
  12. @mrjbq7
  13. @mrjbq7
  14. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    VM: merge the compute_dlsym_toc_address() with the

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    compute_dlsym_address() method
    it makes the code slightly more cluttered but you get rid of a lot of
    special casing for the ppc platform
  15. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    VM: make allot_alien() and ffi_dlsym() use cell instead of void*

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    this way we get rid of a bunch of superfluous casts
  16. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    VM: gc required here because we are iterating all objects

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
  17. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    VM: new iteration method each_object_each_slot()

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    used by find_data_references() and dump_edges() instead of the functor structs
  18. @bjourne @mrjbq7

    VM: removing the get_datastack/retainstack/callstack primitives

    bjourne authored mrjbq7 committed
    they can all be implemented using the
    datastack/retainstack/callstack-for primitives and the less primitives
    the better!
Commits on Aug 19, 2015
  1. @erg

    ui.baseline-alignment: Don't divide f by 2. Also, can't put ``0 or`` …

    erg authored
    ``max-cap-height`` because it breaks something else.
  2. @erg
Commits on Aug 18, 2015
  1. @mrjbq7

    more cleanup.

    mrjbq7 authored
  2. @mrjbq7

    minor cleanup.

    mrjbq7 authored
  3. @mrjbq7

    strings.parser: finish removing triple-strings.

    mrjbq7 authored
    parse-string => parse-short-string (on the same line)
    parse-multiline-string-until => parse-full-string
Commits on Aug 17, 2015
  1. @erg

    factor.cmd: git pull from http doesn't update my local master to remo…

    erg authored
    master. using git:// instead.
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