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Commits on Nov 13, 2011
@Blei Blei vm: close the console when exiting
This prevents an endless loop caused by the nvidia drivers on linux.
@jckarter jckarter vm: close_console before exiting anywhere
Add a factor_vm::exit function that does close_console() before ::exit-ing
@jckarter jckarter vm: set stdin_loop cancellation state
Make it asynchronous so it doesn't wait till the next syscall to cancel.
@jckarter jckarter vm: fashion police 0b45e80
@jckarter jckarter new module images.viewer.prettyprint
Pretty-prints image objects as images.
Commits on Nov 14, 2011
@jckarter jckarter compiler: add intrinsic for PMOVMSKB/MOVMSKP[SD]
Combined with a fast bit-count this will let us rice byte-counting.
@jckarter jckarter math.bitwise: hotrod nonintrinsic fixnum-bit-count 038b986
@jckarter jckarter math.bitwise: don't count the same bits over&over 3071c11
@jckarter jckarter math.vectors.simd.intrinsics: better fake vgetmask
More accurate simulacrum of PMOVMSKB/MOVMSKPS/MOVMSKPD for non-intrinsic definition
@jckarter jckarter math.vectors.simd: make vcount work for all ints a50c0a6
@jckarter jckarter compiler: tighten (simd-select) output class
Ints and smaller (or shorts and smaller on 32-bit) can be assumed to be fixnums. Fixes #393
@jckarter jckarter compiler: more peephole tests for shl/sar f05bc12
@jckarter jckarter compiler.tree.propagation: missed using e66fdca
@jckarter jckarter math.vectors.simd.intrinsics: fix double-2 vcount
Turns out we use MOVMSKPS for double vectors too. Gotta save that extra instruction byte!
@jckarter jckarter math.vectors.simd: add vcount to the tests
Also add a base case to (approx=) for integer returns. vcount returns an integer even for float vector inputs, but the test machinery isn't smart enough to figure that out and uses (approx=) on the outputs anyway.
@jckarter jckarter code beautification ce205e1
@jckarter jckarter math.vectors.simd: unencrypt check-optimizer
And make it report real information about what values were tested and how they failed
@jckarter jckarter math.vectors.simd: don't try distance on int types
"v- norm" doesn't work right for uint-4s because of underflow, but who's going to call "distance" on a uint vector?
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 webbrowser: changing open-url to use open-file everywhere. 8e44759
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 webbrowser.linux: switching to xdg-open. 1b6a486
@jckarter jckarter images.viewer.prettyprint: mark not loaded/tested
Prevent mason from loading it and complaining that it can't write gadgets to a text file.
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 removing unnecessary spawn. f8aa803
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 variables: fix for recent initial-value change. 99d9df2
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 slots: fix initial value tests. bae84ed
Commits on Nov 15, 2011
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 opengl: fix small typo in fix-coordinates stack effect. Fixes #406. 414a768
@jckarter jckarter Revert " removing unnecessary spawn."
This reverts commit f8aa803.
Breaks error handling:
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.config: set default io-level 3 2910af9
@jckarter jckarter remove monkey traps from UI 51446e4
@jckarter jckarter command-line.startup: fix help message on windows
Support /? while we're at it. Fixes #323
@erg erg alien.endian: read 64bit numbers of the opposite endian as two 32bit …
…numbers, then bitor them together
Commits on Nov 16, 2011
@erg erg dlists: make a dlist-link tuple so you can "be the node" by subclassi…
…ng it. this allows you go put a type on the obj>> slot. ensure that dlist nodes are returned with prev/next pointers set to f so they can be reused. dlist-filter used to work destructively on the dlist, make a new dlist instead because the combinator relied on using prev/next of deleted nodes.
@jckarter jckarter rearrange source-file-error error. to load earlier
Fixes #359
@jckarter jckarter update USING:s f27b22b
@jckarter jckarter vm: disable SIGINT handler while in factorbug
Fixes #410
@jckarter jckarter strings: inline >string and 1string
Fixes #340
@jckarter jckarter vocabs.refresh.monitor: handle symlink paths
On macosx, fsevents always provides the true path for changed files, even if the monitored path includes symlinks. This screws things up if a symlinked path is used as a vocab root. Fixes #404.
@jckarter jckarter fix loading b74e13e
@jckarter jckarter vocabs.refresh.monitor: remove debug traces c625a3e
@jckarter jckarter random: go faster
* Use int <ref> instead of 4 >le
* Inline sequences:push-all
* Types, hints, inlines
Re: #328
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 editors: fix editing of links. Fixes #411. 16fe440
@jckarter jckarter random: don't assume random-bytes is a byte-vector
It's not anymore.
Commits on Nov 17, 2011
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.macosx: fix path to MiniFactor.nib
Fixes #414.
@jckarter jckarter random.unix: roll back type assertions
Probably don't really make much difference and are invalid in apps that deploy with io level 2 or lower.
@jckarter jckarter USING 2aa2045
@jckarter jckarter vocabs.refresh.monitor: use resolve-symlinks
It already exists and actually works on windows
Commits on Nov 18, 2011
@jckarter jckarter io.monitors: kill outdated doc about kqueue on BSD 519cf7e
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
@erg erg benchmark: Add a way to run a profile for each benchmark vocabulary. 95442b8
Commits on Nov 22, 2011
@erg erg cocoa.messages: Apply mrjbq's patch to show the name of the cooca fun…
…ction in sender stubs. rename 'method' in stack effects to 'signature' since we are passing an array with the return value and arguments, not the method.
@erg erg benchmark: remove debug code bf1e3cc
@erg erg classes.union: Define a maybe: word that makes a tuple that acts as a…
…n anonymous union for a type and f. Updated all the places we define UNION: ?foo foo POSTPONE: f ;. Fixes #416 and lots of headaches.
@erg erg typed: Teach typed about maybe: foo. Should maybe: foo satisfy unboxa…
…ble-tuple-class? ?
@erg erg multi-methods: predicate-quot -> predicate-def d07c3d3
@erg erg classes.maybe: move maybe definition from classes.union to classes.maybe d3a4e72
@erg erg classes: Make methods dispatch on maybes. Fix a couple bugs in the im…
…plementation of maybe. classoid? is now a dumb test if an object could be a well-formed classoid; valid-classoid? tests for well-formedness. Move maybe tests. Make pprint* work better on methods.
Commits on Nov 23, 2011
@erg erg classes: add syntax for intersection{ and union{ anonymous classes. m…
…ake classoid a mixin.
@erg erg dlists: use maybe: dlist-link. f167553
@erg erg classes: optimize instance? for classoids 3e2fc2f
@erg erg compiler.tree.propagation.transforms: fix infinite recursion that was…
… breaking prettyprint
@erg erg compiler tests: fix using, add tests to make sure instance? inlines 61c1277
@erg erg classes.maybe: make maybe's slot type a classoid so you can do maybe:…
… union{ }. Fix prettyprinting of anonymous-union/intersection. Fixes #427, fixes #428.
@erg erg classes.maybe: Change the type of maybe's class slot. As a result, ma…
…ybe: maybe: integer is valid now, so fix the unit tests and its prettyprinting.
@jckarter jckarter vm: emit safepoints before VM compiler prologs
For #379
@jckarter jckarter compiler: emit safepoints in optimized prologs 62e665b
@jckarter jckarter vm: keep a set of all code_blocks in the code_heap
This way looking up code blocks by return address is an O(log n) set lookup rather than an O(n) linear scan.
@jckarter jckarter vm: initialize all_blocks map from image
um, code blocks from the image need to go in the set too
@jckarter jckarter vm: charge samples collected in prolog to parent
Fixes #379
@jckarter jckarter vm: replace assert with FACTOR_ASSERT
Factor is finally a real C++ project and has a custom assert macro. Assertion failures were still getting caught as exceptions and causing failure loops. Write our own macro that calls factor::abort on failure.
@jckarter jckarter compiler.cfg.finalization: reenable scheduling
Prolog safepoint appears to work with it enabled
@jckarter jckarter vm: FACTOR_ASSERT only if FACTOR_DEBUG fd4be39
@jckarter jckarter vm: verify code heap's all_blocks set when DEBUG f4a7afd
@jckarter jckarter vm: clean up baroque jit safepoint logic 2c2791a
@jckarter jckarter vm: quell warnings from vars only used by asserts d031cfb
@jckarter jckarter vm: remove useless forward declare 5d1156d
@jckarter jckarter vm: don't die if foreign thread gets async signal
Fixes #425
@jckarter jckarter ui.backend.cocoa.views: clickthrough is bullshit
I don't care what Slava thinks
Commits on Nov 24, 2011
@jckarter jckarter math.parser: natively support 0b 0o 0x syntax
Closes #371
@jckarter jckarter use radix literals eee4836
@jckarter jckarter let's pretend BIN: HEX: OCT: never happened 2ff5e76
@jckarter jckarter tools.disassembler.utils: 0x isn't a name anymore
sorry bro
@jckarter jckarter math: add neg? word
Do the right thing with integers or floats
@jckarter jckarter math.parser: oops 9cc643f
@jckarter jckarter prettyprint: use radix prefixes for number-base a41eb0c
@jckarter jckarter syntax: remove BIN: HEX: OCT: 93e5b71
@jckarter jckarter prettyprint.backend: can't use locals 3f8d5d0
@jckarter jckarter parser: remove parse-base dead code 12a0fdf
@jckarter jckarter math.parser: reject "0x" etc. without any digits f384633
@jckarter jckarter math.parser: test harder 74c753a
@jckarter jckarter oops, radix prefixes shouldn't chain b38ce8a
Commits on Nov 26, 2011
@jckarter jckarter math.parser: don't accept hex float without expt
Part of #372
@jckarter jckarter math: neg? needs to be defined for all reals c3f4282
Commits on Nov 27, 2011
@jckarter jckarter math.integers: test round-to-even-on-tie behavior fde94d2
@jckarter jckarter math.integers: pass tests even if number-base set 9bbe578
@jckarter jckarter math.integers: make bignum/f round to even on tie
Fixes #372
@jckarter jckarter math.complex: pass tests even if number-base set aee5815
@jckarter jckarter command-line: don't die if factor-rc has an error
Instead, put user-init-errors in the error list.
@jckarter jckarter break circularity 67d572a
@jckarter jckarter icon for user-init-errors 7838538
@jckarter jckarter vm: support self-executing image file 8b75193
@jckarter jckarter io.directories.unix: make copy-file copy perms
Like the docs claim it does
@jckarter jckarter new module tools.deploy.embed: make self-exe image f9ba6bf
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.embed: useful factors
Separate the embedding of an image into a VM executable (embed-image) from the copy-and-embed logic (make-embedded-image).
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy: embed image into deployed VM
Also, use the unix backend to deploy non-UI applications on macosx
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.macosx: tweak bundle vs exe logic
Must deploy an app bundle if the UI is used.
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.config: update docs 3290640
@jckarter jckarter update deploy-console description
No longer windows specific
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.macosx: oops, logic inversion b17bebe
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.backend: make-deploy-image back out
So "deploy-image-only" still works
@jckarter jckarter io.files: use initialize to set resource-path
If a resource path is already set in the image, don't change it. Should make #364 work a bit more as expected, and let us set the resource path for deployed Mac OS X bundles.
@jckarter jckarter io.files: back out resource-path change
It's too brittle against varying current directories or the Factor directory being moved.
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.macosx: deploy separate VM and image
This is the easiest way to make sure "resource:" works with deployed bundles for now. Single-file executables aren't really an issue with app bundles anyway.
@jckarter jckarter add doc link to deploy-flags
That's where all the settings are actually described.
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.config: more stern warnings in docs
Warn that deploy-io=3, deploy-math, and deploy-threads are effectively required. Also note that deploy-ui? requires an app bundle deployment on Mac OS X.
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.shaker: missing using 3d9370a
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.config: docs typos b9ae004
@jckarter jckarter vm: factor out embedded image detection code 04d030e
@jckarter jckarter lexer: skip #! as a single token at front of line
Fixes #370
@jckarter jckarter syntax: add note to #! docs 039a929
Commits on Nov 28, 2011
@erg erg generalizations: Refactor stack-checker so that smart combinators can…
… be used with curry and compose.
@addrummond addrummond CouchDB auth provider (furnace.auth.providers.couchdb) 04b0cbb
@brennancheung brennancheung fastcgi alpha preview b0b8f2c
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 pubsubhubbub support by samueltardieu. Fixes #148. e3483c9
@erg erg code-arrays: don't ask, don't tell b0bd888
@erg erg regexp: trivial refactoring 3d7d551
@erg erg Fix reduce-outputs, rename quot*n to call-n, rewri…
…te more macros as combinators.
@erg erg Enable a unit test, handle M: object infer-known*,…
… make sum-outputs a macro.

Fixes inverse but still needs work, once I figure out how.
Commits on Nov 29, 2011
@jckarter jckarter namespaces: make set-global/get-global foldable
Store the globals hashtable as an array of boxes so that the key-to-reference mapping is constant. Use a singleton and an unfoldable "box-at" word so that get-global and set-global optimize to direct operations on the associated box when the variable name is a compile-time constant. Fixes #200.
@jckarter jckarter namespaces: rework so a singleton isn't necessary
Make global foldable, and make the underlying global object a hashtable wrapper. Also, use a tuple instead of a generic array for the global box type.
@jckarter jckarter furnace.auth.providers.couchdb: fix load error 628b7b1
@jckarter jckarter specialized-arrays: update tests e516acc
@jckarter jckarter benchmark.regex-dna: reduce IO deploy level again 9ec3376
@jckarter jckarter fastcgi: fix load and compile errors 61c0d6b
@jckarter jckarter fix circularity
Remove the undocumented and redundant "copy-file-and-info" word, since "copy-file" does the same thing, and the circular dependency on "io.directories" was causing some deploys to fail
@jckarter jckarter io: implement stream protocols on f
Fixes deployed applications that write to output-stream
@jckarter jckarter io.directories.unix: remove redundant using ac86f90
@erg erg Implement reduce-outputs using compose, fix some s…
…tack effects, add using
@erg erg Fix infer-known; should be 100% now.
It's stack-checker bugs all the way down.
@jckarter jckarter remove values vocab 755484c
@jckarter jckarter io.sockets: remove unneeded USING: values fdc9e2b
@jckarter jckarter vm: fix msvc warning 88c0a0e
@jckarter jckarter xml.entities: remove USING: values 9f5820f
@jckarter jckarter io.encodings.iana: remove values 10eefb7
Commits on Nov 30, 2011
@erg erg memoize: implement identity memoize, trim using lists so bootstrap co…
…ntinues to work
@erg erg Use an identity memoize on inputs/outputs word to …
…speed up the non-optimizing compiler
Commits on Dec 01, 2011
@jckarter jckarter furnace.auth.providers.couchdb: fix manifest 4e91f85
@erg erg core/basis: trim down using lists c3dcf43
@erg erg Tell the stack checker that the return values from…
… inputs/ouputs are input-parameters

Fixes #435
@erg erg memoize: Use identity hashtables for macros 171e539
@erg erg tools.profiler.sampling: Don't use calendar because it pulls in ratios 77d7865
@erg erg basis/*: Pare down some using lists 5a0f190
@erg erg bootstrap/stage1: Turn off parser-quiet? flag sooner so the files loa…
…ded in the USING: list in stage2 print a loading message.
@erg erg memoize: Don't use identity hashtables for macro expansion; it uses a…
…ll the memory. Fixes #439.
Commits on Dec 04, 2011
Slava Pestov help.html: change back to the old naming scheme because we have too m…
…any links to existing doc articles all over the net
Commits on Dec 05, 2011
@erg erg compiler: The non-optimizing compiler is too slow with smart combinat…
…ors in the compiler. Speed up bootstrap by not using them.
Commits on Dec 06, 2011
@Blei Blei ui.backend.gtk: don't die if the icon doesn't exist, partially fixes #… 7dded87
@samueltardieu samueltardieu lazy.lists: lfrom-by documentation fix
Also add a unit test for lfrom-by.
Commits on Dec 07, 2011
@jckarter jckarter compiler: fix failing test 881f9ba
@jckarter jckarter regexp.parser: fix failing test ba860e2
@jckarter jckarter command-line: don't pull in tools.errors
tools.errors brings the debugger with it, which bloats deploy image size
@erg erg help-lint fixes for recent changes 5fb4b86
@jckarter jckarter math.vectors.simd.intrinsics: fix deploy bug
If not called with a known-at-compile-time SIMD type, the intrinsic definitions were leaving behind runtime quotations that referenced the c-array words after c-type information had been stripped, causing deployed applications that used SIMD to fail.
Commits on Dec 11, 2011
@abstraktio abstraktio fixed effect based on inner behavior and outer context 3b52a5a
@abstraktio abstraktio added B: (break for parsing words) and appropriate documentation f15ef32
Commits on Dec 13, 2011
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.shaker: more timid global stripping
Strip globals by replacing their value with "f". The list of globals to strip was written with the assumption that the stripped globals would get restored like normal hashtable keys when accessed. This isn't valid anymore with the globals optimization, since creating a new box breaks the foldable invariant between a global name and its associated box. Need to go through the list of globals to strip and find the ones that actually can be entirely removed as opposed to just reset to f. Fixes #445. Fixes #446.
@jckarter jckarter cpu.x86: enable POPCNT with a flag
If bootstrapped with '-enable-popcnt' and the host CPU supports it, enable the POPCNT-based fixnum-bit-count intrinsic. Fixes #436.
@jckarter jckarter vm: add compact-gc command to factorbug f51e262
@jckarter jckarter vm: only verify all_blocks set if it's invalid
Verifying on every sample is way too slow to be practical when debugging bootstrap.
@jckarter jckarter vm: reinitialize all_blocks from scratch after gc
Faster and more likely to be correct than trying to fixup the existing set
@jckarter jckarter vm: erase code blocks from all_blocks during sweep
Fixes #437
Commits on Dec 14, 2011
@jckarter jckarter math.vectors: add higher-order stack effect to vif 3365e1a
@jckarter jckarter vm: store stack frame size in code blocks
Change modify-code-heap primitive so it takes a sixth element in each array for the frame size.
@jckarter jckarter compiler.constants: remove unused constants 84e817e
@jckarter jckarter vm: pack frame size into code block header bits 14e0c9f
@jckarter jckarter vm: verifier shouldn't check for leftovers
It doesn't work after things have been freed
@jckarter jckarter vm: make all_blocks a set of cells
gcc was doing bad things assuming the pointer given to upper_bound was aligned
@jckarter jckarter vm: initialize all_blocks set after initial fixup b57d3af
@jckarter jckarter vm: frame size for signal handler code blocks 8981fcc
@jckarter jckarter cpu.*.bootstrap: return address for (set-context)
Instead of pushing zero as the fake return address for a set-context call, push an address that points back into the primitive so that callstack walking can match the frame back to the subprimitive.
@jckarter jckarter vm: don't suffer null return addresses 9bdeac9
@jckarter jckarter vm: method to calculate frame size for address
If we're before the prolog or or in a leaf procedure, the stack frame is really a leaf frame created by the signal handler, with a known fixed size, instead of the real stack frame (if any) with a different size.
@jckarter jckarter WIP verify_callstack function
dumps callstack in reverse order so i can visually inspect that it matches the old forward walking logic
@jckarter jckarter vm: reversed callstack iteration 41f3190
@jckarter jckarter vm: iterate_callstack_reversed in slot_visitor 00967b4
@jckarter jckarter vm: callstack_reversed in code_block_visitor faa9b4e
@jckarter jckarter vm: stage code block map fixup properly for GC
Don't update the map until the very last thing, and pass untranslated addresses to the iterator functors. Somewhat complicated by the fact that, for startup_fixup, the map is initialized with fixed-up values, so the fixup functor needs a flag indicating whether it operates with a fixed or unfixed code heap map.
@jckarter jckarter vm: callstack_reversed in call_frame_scrubber b8e80ee
@jckarter jckarter remove iterate_callstack now that it's unused 099559c
@jckarter jckarter vm: callstack_reversed for callstack_to_array 1ef3454
@jckarter jckarter vm: remove iterate_callstack_object e5f591c
@jckarter jckarter vm: remove _reversed from callstack iterator names
Now that they're the only game in town we can give them the short names
@jckarter jckarter vm: replace remaining stack_frame-based logic e56f2b5
@jckarter jckarter vm: fix types after rebase c339bb9
@jckarter jckarter simplify function prologs 1c44a4e
@jckarter jckarter cpu.x86: reduce compiled frames by 2 cells too 6dd5973
@jckarter jckarter vm: get rid of now-trivial innermost_stack_frame 530db5f
@jckarter jckarter vm: factor out word_stack_frame_size 34a1257
@jckarter jckarter cpu.x86.*: clean up signal handler prolog code
Also bump the signal handler frame sizes up again since it looks like we shrank them too much.
@jckarter jckarter vm: don't scribble memory handling leaf signals 195974f
@jckarter jckarter oops, handler still need to jit-load-vm on x86-32 9078282
@jckarter jckarter vm: cleanups e877ccf
@jckarter jckarter cpu.x86.64: define jit-load-vm as a no-op
This was the signal handler prolog code can be shared completely between x86.32 and x86.64.
@jckarter jckarter fix help-lint failures fb7172f
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.shaker: clear MEMO: caches 8e326f5
@jckarter jckarter fix compiler.codegen tests 23eb2ea
@jckarter jckarter Revert "pubsubhubbub support by samueltardieu". Fixes #455.
This reverts commit e3483c9.
@jckarter jckarter threads: update test d7fb47a
Commits on Dec 16, 2011
@jckarter jckarter tools.deploy.shaker: strip globals harder
Separate the list of strippable globals in "stripped" and "cleared". Completely remove the former set, but only reset to 'f' the latter. Fixes #447.
Commits on Dec 17, 2011
@jckarter jckarter fastcgi: only load on unix until #454 is resolved 3531e53
@jckarter jckarter fastcgi: er, linux + macosx = unix b161ea1
@samueltardieu samueltardieu add tag-named-with-attr to xml.traversal ff9831f
@samueltardieu samueltardieu fix link when extracting the feed address
If the <link rel="alternate" href="..."/> was not the first
<link/> attribute under the <feed/> tag, the bad one was extracted
as the corresponding site URL.
@jckarter jckarter math.parser: hex> etc. shouldn't take radix prefix
Fixes #453
Commits on Dec 19, 2011
@erg erg Make map-reduce-outputs a macro. To be a combinato…
…r, we need a full stack-checker rewrite.
Commits on Dec 20, 2011
@jckarter jckarter vm: unwind-native-frames is special
Fixes #457
@jckarter jckarter cpu.x86.32.bootstrap: update unwind-native-frames
The arguments passed from C are in a different position now.
@jckarter jckarter cpu.x86.32.bootstrap: oops, meant bootstrap-cell d37851f
@jckarter jckarter vm: load mega cache object before popping frame
Fixes #457 harder
Commits on Dec 21, 2011
@jckarter jckarter vm: walk stack on inline_cache_miss if PIC_DEBUG=1
Reveals inline cache stack coherency bug behind #460
@jckarter jckarter vm: fashion brigade 7ed8569
@jckarter jckarter vm: flush after print_obj so it's usable from gdb a39b976
Commits on Dec 22, 2011
@jckarter jckarter vm: also smoke-check callstack after pic update da7c05a
@jckarter jckarter vm: actually code_block_pic is a fine frame type d0a42ec
Commits on Dec 27, 2011
@erg erg splitting.monotonic: Don't throw away the last result. Fixes #462. bbbfc36
Commits on Dec 30, 2011
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 ui: fix error in docs (USE: ui.gadgets.books). 2215ae0
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 ui.gadgets.books: needs help.markup.private. dc9aa68
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 math.vectors: fix some $examples in docs. 0b59d24
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 unicode: Fix some $vocab-links in docs. d76b081
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 Revert "ui.gadgets.books: needs help.markup.private."
This reverts commit dc9aa68.
Commits on Jan 02, 2012
@erg erg extra:math.erato: Remove txt files; vocab was moved to basis. b651af2
Commits on Jan 03, 2012
Slava Pestov gdbm.ffi: fix library name on Linux eae952f
Slava Pestov Set up listener's manifest so that words defined in "scratchpad" take…
… precedence over other vocabularies and do not raise a restart. This matches the behavior of IN: and USE: in files, where the IN: takes precedence. Also remove unused clear-manifest word. Fixes #407
Slava Pestov listener: update docs c8a0759
Commits on Jan 11, 2012
@otoburb otoburb client-docs: Updated HTTP PUT documentation typos a78c7b4
@otoburb otoburb io.pathnames: Added ~/ (tilde) prefix recognition as a special pathname.
vocab:, resource: and ~/ are special pathnames. Modified absolute-path word,
added test cases and updated io.pathname documentation.
@otoburb otoburb io.pathnames: Revised ~ support to expand on the first tilde, and not…
… on "~/".

This mimics the same behaviour as "ls ~" in the shell, which expands the alias
as a directory, and not as a filename. For the specific edge-case where a
filename called "~" must have a path constructed to it (e.g. "./~" or "~/~").
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
@jckarter jckarter Revert "io.pathnames: Revised ~ support to expand on the first tilde,…
… and not on "~/"."

This reverts commit 251a2a1.
@jckarter jckarter Revert "io.pathnames: Added ~/ (tilde) prefix recognition as a specia…
…l pathname."

This reverts commit 4e10f09.
Commits on Feb 03, 2012
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 unix.groups: 64 ought to be enough, right? f221b7b
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 calendar: today is now midnight. 53d4571
@erg erg unix.groups: Get the second parameter to getgrouplist from /etc/passwd. c282383
@erg erg unix.groups: Return an empty sequence if the user in 'user user-group…
…s' doesn't exist.
Commits on Feb 04, 2012
@erg erg Add a simple Linux-only ps clone. 1fa6818
Commits on Feb 07, 2012
@erg erg Install git instead of git-core for linux-deps.X 74b1c8b
Commits on Feb 09, 2012
@eipipuz eipipuz Add the banner. It should give the instructions before asking for a g…
Commits on Feb 16, 2012
@mrjbq7 mrjbq7 system-info.macosx: adding "Mountain Lion". 6203caf
@erg erg kernel: Change the example for with to be more clear. Division exampl…
…e credit goes to chezmax.
Commits on Feb 19, 2012
@jckarter jckarter ui.gadgets.panes: add gadget-alt-text
Provide a default implementation of write-gadget that writes plain text to a stream that doesn't support gadgets.
@jckarter jckarter note xcode 4.3 command line tools req 8ee0e12
@jckarter jckarter use clang when building w/ xcode >4.3; it's faster db28f69
Commits on Feb 20, 2012
@jckarter jckarter add scaling support for world gadgets fe7148c
@jckarter jckarter game.input.dinput: fix for scaling changes 833554b