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e2j is an unpacker for jars packed via Jar2Exe hidden mode
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e2j is an unpacker for jars packed via Jar2Exe hidden mode
written by veer

  C:\dev\e2j>set old_opts=%JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS%
  C:\dev\e2j>set JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-javaagent:e2j-agent.jar(=output-file)
  C:\dev\e2j>set JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=%old_opts%
  output-file is optional and refers to the file where you want to
    put the unpacked classes (it uses a jar)
  packed-exe is the executable packed by Jar2Exe that you wish to extract
P.S. don't try to log-off or shut-down while this agent is running as the
  shutdown hook might be a bit intensive. it was originally written so that
  writing the jar wasn't offloaded until the very end but instead incrementally
  but that proved to be too much of a hassle because of the subsequent
  ClosedByInterruptExceptions being thrown by the I/O code. changing this meant
  incurring more memory usage as all relevant class definitions are kept in
  memory until the very end.
P.S.S. all non-hidden-mode packed jars can be extracted readily as trailing data in
  the executable. due to the nature of the pkzip format, this allows extracting the
  contents of the class simply by treating the executable as a zip file.
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