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OMSSearch is a PowerShell module for Azure Automation that will help you execute queries against Microsoft Operations Management Suite
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OMSSearch is a PowerShell module for Azure Automation that will help you execute queries against Microsoft Operations Management Suite. The module uses ADAL to get Token from Azure AD.


  1. Your OMS workspace is linked to your Azure Subscription
  2. Find your Subscription ID
  3. Find what is the name of the resource group where your OMS workspaces is located. ARM explorer ( can help you.
  4. Know the name of your OMS workspace in Azure


  1. Archive all files in a file
  2. Add module to Azure Automation
  3. Create Connection in Azure Automation of type OMSConnection where TenantADName is the UPN with which your Azure AD accounts are created (example, Username is a UPN account in your Azure AD that has access to OMS and Password is the password for that account.
  4. Enjoy


Execute-OMSSearchQuery cmdlet uses System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer which cannot deserialize value bigger than int32. When you return data with Start, End and Top make sure you are returning information in JSON format that is lower than 2,147,483,647 characters.

Start and End paramteres take the date format in UTC like this "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss:fffZ". You can use PowerShell to get such values like: ((get-date).ToUniversalTime()).ToString("yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss:fffZ") (((get-date)).AddHours(-6).ToUniversalTime()).ToString("yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss:fffZ")



  • New cmdlet - Export-OMSSavedSearch - You can export saved searches to json file now
  • New cmdlet - Import-OMSSavedSearch - You can import saved searches from json file now
  • Improvements in help and examples
  • Cmdlet Get-OMSResourceGroup is scheduled to be deprecated because it is searching OMS Resource Groups by specific name like 'OI-Default-'


  • SMAConnection parameter set changed to OMSConnection in Get-AADToken
  • IndividualParameter parameter set changed to - DefaultParameterSet - in Get-AADToken
  • Changes in code for better reading the code - all functions
  • DefaultParameterSetName used - for all functions
  • Improved Help for all functions
  • Changed resourceAppIdURI to
  • Changed authority to
  • Option to authenticate by TenantID or TenantADName
  • Added TenantID field in OMSConnection (might not appear if you have previously imported the module in Azure Automation)
  • Get-Help for parameters added for all functions
  • Added Name parameter to find individual saved searches in Get-OMSSavedSearch. You can now get a single saved search.
  • Improved Invoke-OMSSavedSearch algorithm. Now it will find saved search by Name instead by ID. ID can be GUID for some saved searches which previously resulted in faulty results.
  • Removed function Invoke-ARMGet - Not needed.
  • Deprecated Get-ARMAzureSubscription. Official AzureRM cmdlets can be used to get Subscriptions.
  • You can use OMSConnection parameter in almost all cmdlets instead of providing individual parameters like subscriptionID, ResourceGroupName and OMSWorkspaceName
  • new cmdlet - New-OMSSavedSearch
  • new cmdlet - Remove-OMSSavedSearch


  • Changed time format for paramaters "Start" and "End" from "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss:fffZ" to "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.fffZ". The initial format was incorrect which resulted in false queries.


  • Get-OMSSavedSearches was renamed to Get-OMSSavedSearch . Alias for Get-OMSSavedSearches is created.
  • New function Get-ARMAzureSubscription
  • New function Invoke-OMSSavedSearch
  • Authors list in the module manifest is updated
  • Added APIVersion parameter to almost all cmdlets
  • Added Get-OMSResourceGroup to be visible
  • Updated all cmdlet examples with the new APIVersion parameter


  • Function Execute-OMSSearchQuery renamed to Invoke-OMSSearchQuery. Alias create for Execute-OMSSearchQuery.
  • Internal function Import-ADALDll is not shown anymore.
  • Switched to new API version 2015-03-20 that works in all regions
  • Function Get-AADToken no longer has separate parameters for UserName and Password. Now it is one paramter Credential. Makes the module compliant with PowerShell Gallery.


workflow Get-SavedSearches
	$OMSCon = Get-AutomationConnection -Name 'stasoutlook'
	$Token = Get-AADToken -OMSConnection $OMSCon
	$subscriptionId = "3c1d68a5-4064-4522-94e4-e03781655555e"
	$ResourceGroupName = "oi-default-east-us"
	$OMSWorkspace = "test"	
	Get-OMSSavedSearches `
		-OMSWorkspaceName $OMSWorkspace  `
		-ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName `
		-SubscriptionID $subscriptionId `
		-Token $Token
workflow Get-RestartedComputers
	$OMSCon = Get-AutomationConnection -Name 'stasoutlook'
	$Token = Get-AADToken -OMSConnection $OMSCon
	$subscriptionId = "3c1d68a5-4064-4522-94e4-e03781655555e"
	$ResourceGroupName = "oi-default-east-us"
	$OMSWorkspace = "test"	
	$Query = "shutdown Type=Event EventLog=System Source=User32 EventID=1074 | Select TimeGenerated,Computer"
	Execute-OMSSearchQuery -SubscriptionID $subscriptionId `
	                       -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName  	`
						   -OMSWorkspaceName $OMSWorkspace `
						   -Query $Query `
						   -Token $Token
workflow Get-LastOMSData
	$OMSCon = Get-AutomationConnection -Name 'stasoutlook'
	$Token = Get-AADToken -OMSConnection $OMSCon
	$subscriptionId = "3c1d68a5-4064-4522-94e4-e03781655555e"
	$ResourceGroupName = "oi-default-east-us"
	$OMSWorkspace = "test"	 
    $Query = '*'
	$StartTime = (((get-date)).AddHours(-6).ToUniversalTime()).ToString("yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss:fffZ")
    $EndTime = ((get-date).ToUniversalTime()).ToString("yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss:fffZ")
    Execute-OMSSearchQueryV2 -SubscriptionID $subscriptionId `
                           -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName    `
                           -OMSWorkspaceName $OMSWorkspace `
                           -Query $Query `
                           -Token $Token `
						   -top 500 `
						   -Start $StartTime `
						   -End $EndTime

workflow Get-MYOMSWorkspace
	$OMSCon = Get-AutomationConnection -Name 'stasoutlook'
    $Token = Get-AADToken -OMSConnection $OMSCon
    $subscriptionId = "3c1d68a5-4064-4522-94e4-e0378165922e"
		Get-OMSWorkspace `
		-SubscriptionID $subscriptionId `
		-Token $Token


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