Church Slavonic extensions for LibreOffice
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Church Slavonic extensions for LibreOffice

Includes Church Slavic (Church Slavonic) hyphenation and spelling dictionaries for LibreOffice.


  • LibreOffice 5.0 or greater (while the dictionary will install in earlier versions, you will not be able to use it since the earlier versions do not have Church Slavic as an available locale)


You can get the extension from the Extensions website. Use this repository only if you want to change something and rebuild from source.

Compilation Requirements

To build from source, you will need

  • An Internet connection
  • Perl 5 installed

Quick Start

To build LibreOffice extension, just do this:


Result should be a file cu-LO.oxt which you can then install into LibreOffice


The hyphenation dictionary is based on the TeX hyphenation patterns for Church Slavonic. See cu-tex package hyphenation README for more information.

The spelling dictionary is based on the Hunspell spelling dictionary for Church Slavonic. Morphological analysis is not (yet) supported. See See hunspell-cu package README for more information.


Report in issue tracker. Be sure to specify version of LO and platform. There are bugs with case folding and word boundary recognition for Cyrillic in LibreOffice. It is hoped that these will be fixed in version 6.0. See the issue tracker for LO.