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Video VR Extension

Build Status

Watch HTML5 videos on Youtube with the Oculus Rift (requires vr.js plugin for Rift support).

See Demo Video


  1. Install vr.js plugin
  2. Install the extension:
    • Chrome
    • Firefox - very alpha, and still pending Mozilla approval
  3. Let youtube know your HTML5 preference:


Generally, try to maintain existing coding style and add unit tests with new features.


This project contains source for both the Chrome and Firefox extensions. At some point this may change but for the time being it works.


The project requires gulp.js which is a node module, so you will need to install Node.js.

Then run:

    git clone
    cd video-vr-extension
    npm install -g gulp
    npm install

For Firefox, you must install the Add-on SDK into your home directory (i.e. `~/addon-sdk-1.16)

Additionally, install the autoinstaller Firefox extension for easier running and debugging.

At this point you have everything needed to build and package the extensions. To package both Chrome and Firefox run make. Packaged products are located in dist/packaged

Running Chrome

After building the project, you'll want to load the extension as an "unpacked" extension:

  • Open Chrome to chrome://extensions
  • Check 'Developer mode' and click 'Load unpacked extension'
  • Select the dist/chrome folder

After making changes, run make dev-chrome then refresh the extension to see changes.

Running Firefox

Provided you have the Addon SDK and autoinstaller extension (see dependencies), run make dev-firefox to see changes.

make run-firefox can also be used to execute cfx run, but doesn't do a build/package.


Gulp.js is used for tasks like linting and testing. See the gulpfile.js for list of tasks.

Packaging the app with make will lint, test, and package the Chrome and Firefox extensions. To package with unminified code (when debugging) pass in an extra argument: make DEV=true


This project is a conglomeration of a few amazing open source libraries. Without these libraries this extension would not have been so easily assembled.


  • Better logo
  • Not just Youtube
  • Support for oculus bridge, webrift, etc.
  • More tests!