update hook to deploy certain branches automatically
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update hook to deploy certain branches automatically

There is a hello-world-like scenario laid out in spec. You should be able to test it with spec/run.sh. It should help you get started. I recon you will need to adapt it to your gusto anyway.

Have fun with it and drop me a note - or better even a pull request - in case you find it useful

Oh, and before I forget, here the usual legal stuff:

This Software is available under the terms of the GPL3 which can be found in the root of this project folder as gpl3.txt.

This software is provided AS-IS any fixes or features in the future are purely voluntarily and might never happen.

Under no circumstances can I be held responsible for any harm done by using this software. You should only use it if you understand how it works and since it makes - and requires you to make - persistent changes to your repository as well as your filesystem it has a lot potential for grief (the sky is the limit here). You have been warned. I have tested it on two debians though and it worked smoothly (well sorta)