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Cartridge Writer

Note: I have not had time to work on this repository in over a year, it has not been updated with the latest code from and does not appear to work with uprint cartridges. I am hesitant to give a timeline on when I will update the repository, since I am not sure when I will get a chance to work on it. For now if you have a uprint please see Vanheuverzwijn's stratasys code located at: And Matthew Goodman's eepromTool-ds2433 code from:

Cartridge Writer is a Windows program that can use an Arduino to read / write a DS2433 chip from Stratasys printer cartridges.

The code base is written in c# and consists of ports of Benjamin Vanheuverzwijn's stratasys code located at: some of Matthew Goodman's eepromTool-ds2433 code from: and the addition of a GUI to make reading and writing a DS2433 chip a point and click operation.

Running CartridgeWriter.exe

CartridgeWriter.exe can be downloaded as a part of the CartridgeWriter repository and is located in the Release directory of the repository.

Set up the following before running:

-32 or 64 bit PC with Windows XP or later (Only tested on XP and 7 so far)
-At least .Net Framework 4.0
-Arduino configured as shown at
	* OneWire library from
	* onewireProxy from
	* Wire Arduino to DS2433 chip as shown:
		Arduino:	Data Pin		5V			Ground
					  ---			---			 ---
					   |			 |			  |
					   |   2.2 kOhm	 |			  |
					   |----/\/\/----|			  |
					   |						  |
					   |						  |
					  ---						 ---
		DS2433:		Data Pin					Ground

Plug in the Arduino and wait for it to be recognized by Windows before running CartridgeWriter.exe.

-Modify values in CartridgeWriter.exe.config if necessary (see note below).
	* BaudRate: Default value is 9600 
	* SerialInitializationWait: Default value is 2000 (Wait for Serial Port to Open) 
-Run CartridgeWriter.exe
-Select an Arduino device in the Device dropdown.
-Select a Printer Type in the Printer Type dropdown.
-Press the Read button and remaining fields are populated by reading DS2433 chip.
	* Read makes a copy of the DS2433 chip contents to a file.
	* Content file is placed in EEPROMFiles/<chip_id> directory.
	* Content file's name is YYYYMMdd.HHmmss.bin.
-Make changes in "Change Cartridge Values To" column.
-Press the Write button to write changes to DS2433 chip.

Note on CartridgeWriter.exe.config values: The default values selected are very conservative, but may not work in all cases. Kulitorum reported being able to push the BaudRate to 115200 on an Arduino Mega 1280 (See Issues #3 & #4), but I haven't tried anything but 9600 on my Arduino Micro. Kulitorum also reported needing to set the SerialInitializationWait very high (3000) for the Arduino Mega 1280, but with the Arduino Micro no wait is needed at all. If CartridgeWriter appears to hang when trying to read try setting the SerialInitializationWait value higher.

Compiling Cartridge Writer

Cartridge Writer was written and compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop Update 4. Given that that Express is the base flavor of Visual Studio this code should compile with any other flavor of Visual Studio 2013 that can compile c# desktop applications. This has not been tested with any other versions of Visual Studio, but if anyone tries compiling with a different version let me know what happens and I can post the results here.

-Visual Studio 2013


Windows program that can use an Arduino to read / write a DS2433 chip from Stratasys printer cartridges.



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