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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# This program turns on the Panasonic TH47LF-20u Television
# In order for this to work you will need to set
# Standby Save to off (serial). This will allow you to turn
# the TV on when it is turned off.
# 2013/04/19 Sean Lazar, Square, Inc.
# Requires Device-Serial per module.
use Device::SerialPort;
use strict; use warnings;
#search for the serial device with regex, return full device path
sub findserial
my $serialdevicename = $_[0];
#find the device
my $dir = "/dev";
my $serialfullpath = "";
foreach my $file (<$dir/*>) {
if ($file =~ m/$dir\/$serialdevicename/) {
$serialfullpath = $file;
return $serialfullpath;
return $serialfullpath;
my $serialdevice = "";
#define the serial devices to check in regex format
my @serialdevices = ("tty\.PL2303.*", "tty\.usbserial");
#try each serialdevice regex to find the device
foreach (@serialdevices) {
$serialdevice = findserial($_);
last if $serialdevice ne "";
if ($serialdevice eq "") {
die "Can't find a serial device.";
# Constructor & Basic Values
my $ob = Device::SerialPort->new ($serialdevice) || die "Can't open $serialdevice:$!";
$ob->baudrate (9600) || die "fail setting baudrate";
$ob->parity ("none") || die "fail setting parity";
$ob->databits (8) || die "fail setting databits";
$ob->stopbits (1) || die "fail setting stopbits";
$ob->handshake ("none") || die "fail setting handshake";
$ob->dtr_active (1) || die "fail setting dtr_active";
$ob->write_settings || die "no settings";
sleep 1;
#Send STXPONETX RS232 command to turn the TV OFF
my $pass = $ob->write("\x02PON\x03") or die ("Could not write to port: $!");
sleep 1;
undef $ob