A demonstration site using GeoServer with a TypeAhead
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This is a demonstration site showing how to use GeoServer as the source of a type-ahead, based on Twitter TypeAhead.

The modifications to the above Twitter demos, in order to use GeoServer as a data source, are found in the prepare and transform functions:

// Initialize the Bloodhound engine
var bloodhoundEngine = new Bloodhound({
  datumTokenizer: function(datum) {
      return Bloodhound.tokenizers.whitespace(datum.value);
  queryTokenizer: Bloodhound.tokenizers.whitespace,
  limit: 15,
  remote: {
    url: typeaheadBase + '%QUERY',
    wildcard: '%QUERY',
    prepare: function(query, settings) {
      // Build the query string in a GeoServer-ready format
      settings.url = typeaheadBase + jQuery.param(typeaheadParams);
      settings.url += "&CQL_FILTER=strToUpperCase(" + nameField + ")%20like%20%27QUERY%25%27";
      settings.url = settings.url.replace('QUERY', query.toUpperCase());
      return settings;
    transform: function(response) {
      // temporarily persist the geometries of the returned states
      geometries = {};
      return $.map(response.features, function(feature) {
        geometries[feature.properties[nameField]] = feature.geometry;

        // Return the state name to the TypeAhead suggestion dropdown
        return (feature.properties[nameField]);

This approach works best when the GeoServer layer contains unique values (eg city or state names), so that multiple identical responses are not received while typing.

See the demo at https://slead.github.io/GeoServer_TypeAhead/ which also shows how Leaflet.js and Tokenfield can be integrated.