Sample code for a presentation on ZooKeeper.
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sleberknight Create and use JUnit 4 rules to start/stop test ZK servers for unit/i…
…ntegration tests:

* Create CuratorTestServerRule to start/stop Curator TestingServer before/after tests
* Create EmbeddedZooKeeperServerRule to start/stop EmbeddedZooKeeperServer before/after tests
* Update BlockingWriteLockTest & DistributedOperationExecutorTest to use CuratorTestServerRule
* Update/cleanup ConnectionHelperTest with EmbeddedZooKeeperServerRule
* Add curator-test dependency with test scope
Latest commit b1a683a May 19, 2017


This is code that accompanies a talk I gave on Apache ZooKeeper.

The slides can be found at

May 2017 Update:
* Updated ZooKeeper version to 3.4.10
* Updated Curator version to 2.12.0
* Changed all System.out to SLFJ Loggers
* A bunch of misc. code cleanup, e.g. converting anonymous inner classes to lambdas, using diamond operator, etc.