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Oliver kellogg Mon Aug 4, 2003 12:43
By Oliver Kellogg. Tested on several Ada projects totalling a few ten thousand lines of code. Has tree construction. The parser and tree parser have successfully translated ACES, one of the large standard test suites for Ada compilers. contents follow:
Last updated: 2003-08-03
The Ada tree structure (ada.g) and superclass (ada.tree.g) have
been tested somewhat due to work on a first real application,
Ada support in kdevelop (
suggestions on the tree structure are still
You can see the generated tree as follows:
Define an environment variable, ANTLR_TREE.
Then run the parser program, and redirect the output to a file.
Example in Bourne shell:
$ export ANTLR_TREE=1
$ ada my_ada_program.adb > adatree.tmp
This temporary output file will not be nicely readable because
everything is on a single line. You can get readable output using
the choptree script:
$ choptree adatree.tmp
If you want to additionally run the generated tree through the
AdaTreeParserSuper, then define the symbol ANTLR_TREE_WALK:
$ export ANTLR_TREE_WALK=1
This verifies that the tree produced by the AdaParser matches the
tree expected by the AdaTreeParserSuper.