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extract BGF |home:///projects/webzoo-prep/zoo/assembly/delphi/txl/cangas/extracted/grammar.bgf|.
eliminate unlabeled_stm.
//Reroot2top. // broken! TODO: fix & actually we need SubGrammar
eliminate procedure_body.
reroot to asm_stmtblock.
define asmlbl ::= "@(\\d+\\u+\\i*)";.
// To be absolutely perfect, we need to specify that any sequence SPOFF x y z SPON has x y z as lexical syntax
define SPON ::= ε;.
inline SPON.
define SPOFF ::= ε;.
inline SPOFF.
define SP ::= " ";.
define NL ::= "\\n";.
// These ones are from pascal/delphi/delphi2006/cangas/fetched:
define end_struct ::= "end"; .
define sign ::= "+" | "-"; .
define colon ::= ":"; . // actually with SPOFF/SPON
define label_id ::= anynumber | id; .
define anynumber ::= hexnumber | number; .
// NB: the term is suboptimal here: we actually remove the connection between this grammar and the main Delphi module
// What is meant here is that the components of this grammar are connected to form a whole.
export BGF |home:///projects/webzoo-prep/zoo/assembly/delphi/txl/cangas/connected/grammar.bgf|.