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PNML grammar, version 2009
It is possible to extend PNML schema in any way suitable to your specific need. However, as we said on the presentation page, your
new defined type will not yet be standard-compatible. This situation will last until part 3 of the standard defines a coherent
theoretical and practical framework to do so, in order for standard-compliant tools to automatically discover and read without any
ambiguities, Petri net models according to your new type.
As an example, we publish here Jan Martijn's definition of three new P/T net types:
• reset;
• inhibitor;
• and reset-inhibitor nets.
These PNTDs use a convention document, declaring the special arcs needed for their definition.
For more information please refer to and contact the authors of these grammars and definitions, for which they
retain full rights in whatever degree they desire.