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PNML grammar, version 2009
The earliest (non standardized) version of PNML was 1.3.2. It does not support the now required concept of Page in PNML models. It
does not support the family of High-level Petri Nets ( Symmetric Nets and High-level Petri Net Graphs).
Version 2009 is the current active version of PNML grammar. You may download the entire grammar in one archive.
It defines the following concepts:
• The definition of PNML Core Model.
• Labels used by PT Nets nodes and arcs.
• The any element construct used to define any grammar the standard does not provide precise definition for; for instance, tool specific definition.
• PT Nets type declaration.
• Booleans
• Finite enumerations
• Cyclic enumerations
• Finite integer ranges
• Dots
• Multisets
• Partitions
• Lists
• Integers
• Strings
• Terms
• Arbitrary declarations
• High-level Core Structure
• High-level Place/Transition Nets: they are defined as a restriction of High-level Petri Nets Graphs
• Symmetric Nets
• High-Level Nets
For more information please refer to and contact the authors of these grammars and definitions, for which they
retain full rights in whatever degree they desire.