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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<grammar xmlns=""
RELAX NG implementation of PNML Extensions package.
This package is meant to define specific extensions to
PT-Net type that would appear mostly as tool specific
features. Those features are not semantically speaking essential
to the exchange of PNML models.
File name: pnmlextensions.rng
Version: 2009
(c) 2007-2009
Lom Hillah (AFNOR)
July 2008 - L.H
<define name="toolspecific.content" combine="interleave">
Individual tokens positions as toolspecific elements.
<ref name="TokenGraphics"/>
<define name="TokenGraphics">
Individual tokens, may be have positions.
This element gathers them.
There should be as many token positions as the initial
marking states.
<element name="tokengraphics">
<ref name="TokenPosition"/>
<define name="TokenPosition">
The actual position of an individual token.
It is a coordinate.attributes.
<element name="tokenposition">
<ref name="coordinate.attributes"/>