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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<grammar ns=""
Petri Net Type Definition for High-level Petri Nets Graphs (HLPNGs).
RELAX NG implementation.
This PNTD re-defines the value of nettype.uri for High-level Petri Nets Graph and
the grammars it needs for its definition.
File name: highlevelnet.rng
Version: 2009
(c) 2007-2009
Lom Hillah (AFNOR)
July 2008 - L.H
High-level nets grammar uses the following grammars: Symmetric nets, Integers,
Strings, Lists, and user-defined arbitrary sorts.
<!-- Integers are already imported in symmetricnet.pntd -->
<include href=""/>
<include href=""/>
<include href=""/>
<include href=""/>
<define name="nettype.uri" combine="choice">
The URI value for the net type attribute,
declaring the type of HLPNGs nets.
<attribute name="type">