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Validated TXL Basis Grammar for C with Macros and Gnu Extensions
Version 5.2, July 2011
Copyright 1994-2011 James R. Cordy, Andrew J. Malton and Christopher Dahn
Licensed under the MIT open source license, see source for details.
Consolidated grammar for K+R and ANSI C with Gnu extensions
designed for large scale C analysis tasks. Validated on a large range
of open source C software including Bison, Cook, Gzip, Postgresql, SNNS,
Weltab, WGet, Apache HTTPD, the entire Linux 2.6 kernel, and the entire
FreeBSD 8.0 kernel.
Handles both preprocessed and unpreprocessed C code with with expanded or
unexpanded C macro calls.
Handles but does not interpret C preprocesor directives, except #ifdefs
that violate syntactic boundaries. #ifdefs can be handled using the
separate Antoniol et al. transformation that keeps only the #else parts
and comments out the optional (#if, #elsif) parts (ifdef.txl).
Ignores and does not preserve comments.
J.R. Cordy, Queen's University
A.J. Malton, University of Waterloo
C. Dahn, Drexel University
txl program.c c.txl
txl porogram.c ifdef.txl > program_ifdef.c; txl program_ifdef.c c.txl