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% Preserve intentional newlines in C#
% J.R. Cordy
% August 2006
% This module will preserve intentional extra vertical spacing in transformed
% C# programs processed using the C# grammar with comment preserving overrides.
% Use this module as shown below.
% It is essential that the CommentOverrides grammar is included,
% and that the [preserveNewlines] rule is run before any other.
% include "Csharp_ECMA_334.Grm"
% include "Csharp_ECMA_334_CommentOverrides.Grm"
% include "Csharp_PreserveNewlines.Grm"
% function main
% replace [program]
% CsharpProgram [program]
% by
% CsharpProgram [preserveNewlines]
% [other rules ...]
% end function
% So here's how to we do it:
% First, tell TXL that newlines are visible tokens
#pragma -newline
% Second, allow for newlines in place of comments
redefine comment_NL
| [repeat newline]
end redefine
% Third, strip out redundant single newlines, since the grammar already
% provides one for each line. Intentional (extra) ones are kept by not
% looking deeper than the first one in a sequence.
% This rule should be run first, before any other rules in the program.
rule preserveNewlines
skipping [repeat newline]
replace $ [repeat newline]
RedundantNewline [newline]
OtherNewlines [repeat newline]
end rule