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OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) TC
Developing an XML-based file format specification for office applications
Technical Work Produced by the Committee
Open Document Format v1.1 was approved as an OASIS Standard on 2 February 2007. It is available in OpenDocument, PDF and XHTML (zipped) formats.
The three schemas defined by the Open Document Format v1.1 specification are also available separately:
OpenDocument v1.1 Relax-NG Schema (extracted from chapter 1 to 16 of the specification)
OpenDocument v1.1 Manifest Relax-NG Schema (extracted from chapter 17 of the specification)
OpenDocument v1.1 Strict Relax-NG Schema (extracted from appendix A of the specification)
Grammar extracted and added to the Grammar Zoo on 20 April 2013 by Vadim Zaytsev.