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ODP Enterprise Viewpoint 0.1
date : 2006/01/01
Domain :
Description : The Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP) provides a general framework for the standardization of open distributed processing. RM-ODP defines five generic and complementary viewpoints on the system and its environment: enterprise, information, computational, engineering and technology. They divide the system design according to several areas of concerns, each one focusing on a specific aspect of the system, and allow different stakeholders to observe the system from different perspectives. In particular, the ODP enterprise viewpoint is concerned with the purpose, scope and policies governing the activities of the ODP system within the organization of which it is a part. The Enterprise Viewpoint Metamodel defines the ODP Enterprise Language, and conforms to ITU-T Rec. X.906 | ISO/IEC Committee Draft 19793 (Use of UML for ODP systems specifications) a standard that defines how to use UML to represent the ODP viewpoint languages and concepts.
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Authors : José Raúl Romero Salguero
Grammar in a broad sense extracted automatically on 8 April 2013 by Vadim Zaytsev,