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WfMC 0.1
date : 2005/08/09
Domain : Workflow Process
Description : This metamodel is inspired by the structure of WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition) process. A variety of different tools may be used to analyze, model, describe and document a business process. The workflow process definition interface defines a common interchange format, which supports the transfer of workflow process definitions between separate products. The interface also defines a formal separation between the development and run-time environments, enabling a process definition, generated by one modeling tool, to be used as input to a number of different workflow run-time products. A workflow process definition, generated by a build-time tool, is capable of interpretation in different workflow runtime products. Process definitions transferred between these products or stored in a separate repository are accessible via that common interchange format. To provide a common method to access and describe workflow definitions, a workflow process definition meta-data model has been established. This meta-data model identifies commonly used entities within a process definition. A variety of attributes describe the characteristics of this limited set of entities. Based on this model, vendor specific tools can transfer models via a common exchange format.
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Authors : Hugo Brunelière
Grammar in a broad sense extracted automatically on 8 April 2013 by Vadim Zaytsev,