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Eiffel: The Syntax
The annotated Eiffel syntax described here is aimed at writers of Eiffel tools such as compilers, interpreters, syntax checkers, short and flat tools, pretty-printers, etc., who want to benefit from some tips and tricks. Although this is not the official Eiffel syntax specification provided by the Nonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel (NICE), it departs from it in only two or three well documented occassions. In particular, it explains where, and sometimes why, existing compilers have extended the Eiffel syntax.
The Eiffel syntax constructs are listed into groups, starting with high-level constructs such as Class_declaration down to lexical components such as Identifier. Alternatively, these constructs are also given in alphabetical order. The notation used to describe the Eiffel syntax is specified elsewhere. A possible implementation of the Eiffel syntax in yacc- and lex-like format is also provided as an example.
This page is also available in Japanese (translated by Iizuka Tomio).
Copyright © 1999, Eric Bezault
Last Updated: 2 February 1999