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% Known problems
% - cannot handle F77 sequence numbers and other stuff in columns 73-80,
% for example, in the example file Examples/F77/ma28.f
% (workaround: run the separate program f77trim.txl to trim first)
% - even though TXL can accurately parse LabelDoStmts, it can't always get
% the indentation right in the output for the ending label line
% - this grammar is still a syntax checker, as the original Eli grammar is.
% since TXL grammars are normally used for processing valid programs,
% it would probably make more sense to remove all the Fortan local restrictions
% to make a more lenient, consistent and simpler grammar
% - clearly cannot handle all nonstandard Fortran extensions and vendor
% dialects. In particular, canot handle programs using working precision (_WP)
% - lexing of Hollerith constants (e.g. 3Hx y) is an approximation,
% and cannot handle Holleriths with commas in them
% - although contiuations are handled in in the input, they are not preserved
% in the output since TXL has no way to express it